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Warframe: Heart of Deimos features & gameplay interview

We spoke with Digital Extremes' David Kudirka about Warframe's upcoming expansion, Heart of Deimos, the reasons for focusing on the Infected, and the content coming in the update.


Warframe: Heart of Deimos will be coming at the end of this August and with it comes a wealth of new locations, activities, and new Warframe features to enjoy. TennoCon 2020 had a lot of goods to show off, but we recently caught up to Digital Extremes Senior Producer David Kudirka to talk more about what’s coming down the pipeline in Heart of Deimos, including the interesting focus on the Infested race, the Helmuth, and the simultaneous platform launch of the new update.

One of the major things Kudirka spoke to was the focus on the Infested in this update. A lot of factions in Warframe have gotten love, but the Infested has been a bit of an outlier, so the team has been excited to dive into that. That includes the development of the Helmuth, where players can sacrifice Warframes to take their abilities and attach them to other Warframes. You can also feed Helmuth materials to gain other bonuses in Heart of Deimos. Kudirka spoke to the fine line of allowing players to experiment openly with attaching abilities to Warframes and making sure players can’t break the game by making a certain Warframe too powerful.

Another of the major topics in the video includes going into the simultaneous release of Heart of Deimos on all platforms on the same day - a first for a Warframe update. Kudirka spoke to the difficulties associated with speaking to all platforms and getting past the administrative work associated with getting updates out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Kudirka claims it was a tricky thing to ensure all permissions were lined up for the launch date, but the team has gotten ahead of it and gotten it done to make sure all players will be able to play on Day 1 of Heart of Deimos.

Be sure to check out all of our coverage on Warframe: Heart of Deimos as we inch towards its August 25 release date. Want more videos? Be sure to follow us on Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube for the latest interviews, reveals, and other features on the latest games, toys, and collectibles.

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