Everwild gets new trailer during Xbox Series X Games Showcase

Rare showed off more of their upcoming adventure, Everwild, bringing a mysterious and magical world to the Xbox Series X.


Rare has been doing great with Sea of Thieves throughout the last few months, but the studio is ready to give players something all-new and magical. Such is the case of Everwild. This is an upcoming adventure game that will invite players into a deeply spiritual, mysterious, and colorful world. During the Xbox Series X Game Showcase presentation, we got another look at what Rare’s Everwild has in store for us.

Rare revealed the latest trailer for Everwild during the Xbox Series X Games Showcase presentation on July 23, 2020. The all-new trailer takes players deep inside the new world in which travelers journey alongside strange and interesting creatures, some good and some more frightening. There’s also a magical element here as we observe a group of people do what appears to be some kind of summoning ritual. The whole affair is big on a variety of supernatural forces. You can check out the new trailer just below.

It’s worth mentioning that Everwild was first shown by Rare back at Microsoft’s X019 London event back in November 2019. Unfortunately, though this was a lengthier look at Everwild, its characters, and the less human denizens of its world, we didn’t get to see any gameplay out of the new trailer. What exactly we’ll be doing in Everwild still seems to be quite the enigma. We don’t even know what genre the game is quite yet. Nonetheless, there are clearly a lot of fantastical elements in play between the magic and abilities of the human characters, the myriad of natural creatres (we were big fans of the big amphibious creature that vomits babies), and the more supernatural forces at work within Everwild.

We also still don’t have a release window on Everwild as of yet, so stay tuned to Shacknews as we await further information and details about this mysterious new IP from Rare. Be sure to check out all of the other announcements and reveals from the Xbox Series X Game Showcase as well.

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