Sekiro Online mod brings unofficial PvP & Co-op to the From Software game

A new mod has brought a online features found in other From Software games to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a solitary experience, and quite good as one. The journey of the wolf to save and protect his prince against a cursed bloodline and those who would misuse it is an incredible narrative, but it hasn’t stopped folks from wanting some sort of co-op or PvP experience in the game. Thankfully, if you’re of that opinion, there’s a mod out to try to supply it to the PC version, known as the Sekiro Online mod.

Sekiro Online is a mod crafted by modder LukeYui and uploaded to Nexus Mods on May 4, 2020. As one might expect, the express purpose of the mod is to give Sekiro a proper From Software online mode. That means supplying the foundation so that you can invite other players into your adventure to help and fight bosses or invade their adventure to kill them. The mod is a little shaky as noted by the modder themselves. It works on a P2P format, meaning it’s at the mercy of everyone’s connections. There are also a few bugs such as sliding around in a visitor world or not being recognized as your world’s owner after invades, but there are fixes for them as well.

Sekiro Online is an ambitious attempt at something that otherwise wasn’t in the game. Even for a mod, it does the work that would usually be delegated to a full online team, and admirably for what it’s worth. Don’t get us wrong, Sekiro is great as a solo journey and offers a lot of tools for a single player to fight off its myriad of enemies. That’s one of many reasons that got it high marks in its Shacknews review and made it a fixture of our Shacknews Top Ten Games of 2019, as well as earning awards at the likes of The Game Awards 2019 and the BAFTA Game Awards 2020.

Even so, we can’t deny that some company would nice when it comes to taking down those particularly tough bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. For that, we salute the efforts of the Sekiro Online mod and hope work continues to make it everything a From Software online mode can be.

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