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Guilty Gear Strive Faust Starter Guide reveals he's lost his best, weirdest move

There will be no Stimulating Fists of Annihilation in Guilty Gear Strive when it comes to Faust this time.


Faust has always been a very weird character in the Guilty Gear universe, but it looks like he’s getting a little less weird in Guilty Gear Strive. Arc System Works has dropped the Faust Starter Guide as the final chapter in their first run of character guides coinciding with the Guilty Gear Strive closed beta, and it seems there’s a pretty glaring omission from his movelist. Simply put, there will be no gambles and booty jabs in Guilty Gear Strive for now.

Arc System Works launched the Faust Starter Guide on the Arc System Works YouTube channel on April 16, 2020, along with the launch of the Guilty Gear Strive closed beta. All of it is pretty good. Despite the fact that Faust has always come off as a joke character in Guilty Gear, he’s still got a very good tool set with which to frustrate and defeat foes. That’s true here too, with an attack that gives opponents giant afros that extend where they can be hit for damage by attacks. However, the one glaring omission is that Faust only has his What’s Going to Come Out? super move. His other traditional super, Stimulating Fists of Annihilation, is gone.

For those who don’t know, Stimulating Fists of Annihilation is a super that Faust has had from Guilty Gear X up to Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2. In the move, he swims through the ground towards his opponent for a low attack that, if it hits, forces them into a Three Card Monte minigame where they pick from a row of four moving cups to find an angel. If they don’t guess correct, Faust emerges from the ground pool and gives them two fingers and/or a scalpel blade in the butt. It’s very weird, to say the least, and has only been used to further comedic effect with every improvement in the Guilty Gear franchise. Heck, Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-  had every single character showcase a different reaction to being jabbed in the patoot ranging from terrified disgust to weird euphoria

It may very well be that Stimulating Fists of Annihilation doesn’t fit with Faust’s notably scarier and gloomier disposition, which made quite a notable impact when he was first revealed for Guilty Gear Strive, but a lot of his other bonkers moves are there, along with the addition of the afro-creating attack. It could also be that giving each character a special reaction to the move was just a bit too much work. Nonetheless, it seems like Faust’s best, weirdest move won’t be making its triumphantly creepy return in Guilty Gear Strive for now as we await the game in late 2020.

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