The next Guilty Gear game adds Faust and an official title

The next incarnation of Guilty Gear now has an official name, as Faust gets confirmed for the game's roster.


There's been a lot of excitement around the new Guilty Gear ever since it was first unveiled at EVO 2019. There was so much excitement around it, Arc System Works hadn't even gotten around to naming it. But it wasn't going to be called just "Guilty Gear" forever. On Sunday night during ARCREVO American 2019, the new Guilty Gear got an official name. It is now being dubbed Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.

The trailer showed off much of the new Guilty Gear's upgraded art style. It's a new style that incorporates 3D animation into the game's 2D anime aesthetic, a similar method used in another of Arc System Works' successful fighters, Dragon Ball FighterZ. The developer has been unveiling fighters on a regular basis, starting back in September with the reveals of main characters Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske.

Sunday's trailer ended with the tease of another returning character. The mad doctor known as Faust looks to be making his return. Guilty Gear veterans are familiar with his backstory. He first debuted as a physician/fighter called Dr. Baldhead in the original Guilty Gear, but has since gained fantastic powers at the expense of his face. He now goes by the name Faust, a gangly ranged fighter with the ability to dispatch his foes with a comically large scalpel. Faust joins the roster alongside Sol, Ky, Chipp Zanuff, May, Potemkin, and Axl Low, with more characters set to be revealed in the months ahead.

Up next for Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is Frosty Faustings in January, where the next character trailer is set to debut. A week later, the game will be at EVO Japan 2020, where it will be playable for the first time. Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is coming in Fall 2020 exclusively to the PlayStation 4.

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