Guilty Gear TGS 2019 trailer shows more of Sol and Ky

The latest trailer for 2020's Guilty Gear was revealed at this year's Tokyo Game Show and it takes a closer look at series mainstays Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske.


Arc System Works has had its hand in many fighting games over the past couple of years, but its most exciting one may be the one that's currently in the works. Just a few weeks after revealing a brand new Guilty Gear, the developer revealed the game's first trailer focusing on the game's fighters. And it wouldn't be Guilty Gear without Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske.

Long-time Guilty Gear fans will know that Sol and Ky are essentially the two main characters (as well as rivals) of the series, so for the non-anime fighters reading this story, not having them around would be like not having Ryu in a Street Fighter game or not having Liu Kang in a Mortal Kombat game. (Okay, maybe that last one is a bad example.) The debut trailer confirmed both characters, but this new TGS 2019 trailer offers a bit of a closer look at what they'll bring to the arena. Both fighters can be seen wielding their signature swords, along with many of their recognizable special moves. The trailer also shows off some of the new art style that the next Guilty Gear will be bringing forward, retaining the expressive anime character models and combining them with more realistic-looking 3D backgrounds.

The new Guilty Gear was first revealed at EVO 2019, teasing a 2020 release date in order to coincide with the franchise's 20th anniversary. Despite a closer look at the action, there still seem to be few details on this next entry to the Guilty Gear franchise. It's unknown exactly how many characters fans can expect or even if this will be the game's final title. The only knowns are Sol, Ky, and a mysterious newcomer who was revealed at the end of the EVO trailer.

Alright, maybe there is one more known. The conclusion of the TGS trailer shows a quick peek at the returning May. But don't expect to get a full look at her until the next Guilty Gear trailer, which is slated to be revealed at this year's CEOtaku event on the weekend of September 27-29.

Guilty Gear is coming in 2020, with platforms yet to be confirmed.

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