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Teamfight Tactics reveals Galaxies Pass & newly remodeled Season Pass progress

Riot has reworked the way players will progress through season passes in Teamfight Tactics alongside the launch of the all-new Galaxies Pass.


Players looking to be rewarded for their efforts in Teamfight Tactics are about to get a revamped way to go about it as Riot prepares a slew of new changes, including the game’s upcoming launch on mobile. In addition to pass progress being redone to reward players better, Teamfight Tactics is getting a new Galaxies Pass and Galaxies Pass+ full of rewards as you play through the season.

Riot announced the Galaxies Pass and the revamp of seasonal progress on the League of Legends blogs on March 3, 2020. The whole announcement starts with the fact that Teamfight Tactics will now feature a combined free and premium track on which players can progress through rewards, similar to how many other games including Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare handle their seasonal rewards and battle passes. Players will level up on the free pass until they purchase the premium track, which will give them their rewards up to that point.

The combo of free and premium tracks makes Teamfight Tactics' new Galaxies Pass similar to battle passes in other games.
The combo of free and premium tracks makes Teamfight Tactics' new Galaxies Pass similar to battle passes in other games.

In addition to the changes to the seasonal progress, Riot launched the new Galaxies Pass and Galaxies Pass+, the former of which is the free pass and the latter being the premium track with additional rewards. Included in these new tracks are a slew of new boards, colors, and two new Little Legends, the UFO Sprite and the Astronaut Molediver. There’s also a number of other changes to progress including removal of the Orb of Enlightenment in favor of flat season pass XP with no cap, ensuring you’ll always be progressing along the pass if you’re playing Teamfight Tactics.

The Galaxies Pass is available now and will be until June 9, 2020. After that, the Galaxies Pass+ can no longer be purchased. As we await the launch of Teamfight Tactics on mobile devices this March, it looks like there will be plenty of rewards to go with it.

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