EVE Online - Space Pope Exclusive Interview

We sat down with Charles White aka "the Space Pope" to chat about EVE Online, EVE Vegas, the origin of the Space Pope, and much more.


EVE Vegas might be behind us, but there was plenty to talk about when we were there. As the largest gathering of EVE Online players of the entire year, we caught up to some great pillars of the community, both from developers and management at CCP and within the vast player base. One of our conversations was with noted player Charles White, better known throughout the community as Max Singularity and “the Space Pope.”

Arguably one of the more influential players in all of EVE Online, the Space Pope leads the neutral faction The Sixth Empire, lends his services to charitable causes like anti-suicide program Broadcast For Reps, and has even presided over a wedding or two in the EVE Online player community. White has been back and forth around the EVE Online universe spreading the good word. In our chat with the Space Pope, we talked about the origins of the Space Pope moniker, the evolution of gaming, coming together with the EVE community in-game and through EVE Vegas, and so much more.

Among the many subjects that the Space Pope speaks to with us, we get deep into philosophies around play inside and outside of EVE Online. Chatter about the new ships and weapons coming to EVE Online turns to mindsets behind the new players and the seasoned veterans of EVE Online. Dipping into the lore of his EVE Online character, Max Singularity, turns into a discussion of the difference between Charles White in-game, the Space Pope that the community knows, and what it’s like RPing the Singularity character outside the game. Chatter about previous work at NASA eventually turns into talk about science that allowed White to help CCP games develop an in-game physics model. It’s an excellent discussion to say the least.

Check out the video above to hear the good word of The Space Pope on a myriad of subjects, and be sure to check out our other EVE Vegas interviews as well, including chats with Director of Game Design Kevin Millard and Community Developer Dan Crone. Subscribe to the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for more exclusive interviews.

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