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Interview: EVE Online's Kevin Millard talks community, PVP, & PVE

CCP Games Director of Game Design Kevin Millard gives insight into the global sensibilities of EVE Online development and what sets EVE Online apart from other MMOs.


EVE Online is something absolutely extraordinary when it comes to multiplayer gaming. The game has a international community that has essentially created its own culture, economy, and politics all within the confines of a sci-fi space sim. Whatever you want to do in EVE Online, whether it’s mining, pirating, PVE, or PVP, EVE Online provides the freedom to do it, as long as you have the drive.

We recently caught up to CCP Games Director of Game Design Kevin Millard to talk about what goes into the ongoing design of EVE Online and what it’s like to work on a game of this magnitude. You can catch the whole interview below.

If you’ve ever wondered about the efforts that go into the EVE Online universe and keeping its fans satisfied, Millard aims to answer. From the major differences between EVE Online and other MMO titles to what control the community has over EVE’s ongoing narrative and economy, there’s a mountain of interesting subject matter to talk about in this game. Worth noting, we caught up to Millard as he was on his way into the EVE Vegas event, one of the largest meet-ups of the EVE community all year.

As community was no doubt foremost in Millard’s mind with the event, he took the opportunity to speak to what it was like to be in front of the players and engage with them directly. Moreover, Millard spoke to CCP’s efforts to change how it conveys news and updates to the community. It’s a part of an initiative to strengthen trust between CCP and the players and ensure that when they say something is coming to the game, it is 100% absolutely certain.

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