How to skip cutscenes in Gears 5

Skipping cutscenes in Gears 5 is possible, it just uses entirely different buttons on PC and Xbox One.


Gears 5 has a lot of cutscenes, and on subsequent playthroughs you might want to skip them. Or you might even be on a tight time-limit with the kids asleep and the partner out and about. Whatever your reason, there’s an easy way to skip cutscenes in Gears 5.

Gears 5: Skip cutscenes

For those playing on PC, skipping cinematics is usually as easy as mashing Esc or Space, but Gears 5 does things a little differently. For those playing Gears 5 on PC, you will need to press the Backspace key to skip any cutscene. Anyone playing on Xbox will need to hit the X button. This is certainly outside the norms of pressing B or hitting start. Thanks to Chatty user tested2 for providing this information.

Gears 5 skip cutscenes
Not invested in Kait's plight? You can skip cutscenes in Gears 5 by pressing the Backspace key or X button, depending on your platform of choice.

There’s really nothing much else to it. In terms of ease-of-use, Gears 5 cinematics are incredibly easy to skip, it’s just odd that it’s assigned to a different button. But these days skipping in-game movies seems to be a bit of a coin toss and can even require a bit of fiddling around in system folders.

The recent looter-shooter masterpiece, Borderlands 3, has some seemingly unskippable cinematics throughout the entire game. To make matters worse, when starting a new character, players are subjected to a few-minute-long clips that cannot be skipped – unless you go and actively rename movie files. It’s certainly an odd choice to limit the player’s ability to skip cutscenes, but perhaps this will be amended in a future update.

Shout-out to Chatty user EnderWigginDA for bringing this Gears 5 cutscene skip to our attention! Now all those looking to speed through Gears 5 should have no trouble zipping right past the cinematics and into the action. Now that you’ve saved some time skipping clips, why not take a moment to check out Shacknews’ Gears 5 page where we’ve collated all our guides and information?

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