TGS 2019: Death Stranding gameplay shows off home base

The latest gameplay of Death Stranding from Tokyo Game Show 2019 appears to reveal the home base where players will spend a lot of time between missions.


There is now a couple of hours’ worth of Death Stranding footage available out there, and we’re still no closer to understanding what this game is about. Hideo Kojima took to the PlayStation stage at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 Day 2 to showcase even more gameplay.

The 34- minute gameplay mainly focused on what appeared to be Sam Bridges’ home base. This room looks to house the BB when not in use and provides various actions for the player to perform. The number of contextual actions in Death Stranding looks to rival that of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2, which was chock full of little interaction points.

Death Stranding home base TGS 2019
This underground room seems to act as a kind of home base in Death Stranding. Players can customize their backpack, interact with the BB, and more.

This base camp contains several customization options. Players will be able to color the room to suit their taste, interact with the BB in its artificial womb, and even toy around with a bunch of items on a table. In the footage, Sam can be seen eating one of the floating silkworm-like grubs that were featured in previous trailers.

An interesting moment occurred when Sam rapped on the BB’s glass pod.  The BB knocked back, and eventually burst out of it after too many violent knocks. Apparently this was a part of some kind of waking nightmare, so there’s a chance players will be encountering more of these throughout the story.

Customizing and loading up the backpack with deliveries also appears to be a function of the base. Death Stranding looks to give players a lot of control when selecting where to place items. There appears to be some significance in weight distribution as well as how much is loaded onto the backpack. If yesterday’s Death Stranding gameplay is any indication, Sam will be much more sluggish when loaded up, requiring him to shed weight when fighting in order to improve movement.

Death Stranding is due out on November 8, at which point hopefully all of this starts to make more sense. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews for the latest reveals fresh from the Tokyo Game Show 2019, as well as for the latest Death Stranding information and explainers.

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