TGS 2019: Death Stranding gameplay shows off hoverboard

Might have to be careful about using the hoverboard when crossing water in Death Stranding.


Death Stranding is shaping up to be one of the strangest games to release in a long time. Each trailer and snippet of gameplay only makes the game more mysterious and intriguing, and now we have 50 minutes of footage to pore over. The footage from Tokyo Game Show 2019 had a lot to show, but what caused the biggest reaction from the Twitch chat was a little hoverboard. Please check out the full extended gameplay of Death Stranding below!

While not a lot is known about Death Stranding, what can be said is that Sam will spend a lot of time walking across America. This becomes a challenge, especially when you consider he has to deliver piles of packages to various locations. Thankfully, the job is made easier by a little hovering platform that trails behind him. But this latest length of gameplay showed the pallet can be used as something else: a hoverboard.

The gameplay showed Sam unpacking the hovering pallet and carefully placing his packages on the ground. Once empty, he jumped onto the device and sped down the hill to a hostile campsite. The Twitch chat went wild.

Though we’ve already seen it in some previous trailers, the motorcycle was shown. While it is able to move quickly, it’s incapable of crossing treacherous terrain such as mountainsides covered in rock and rubble. A little sign with a warning noted the dangerous area, alerting players to abandon the vehicle and to proceed on foot. It appears as if these signs can be voted on in a similar manner to Dark Souls’ messages.

Death Stranding motorcycle vehicle
One vehicle we've seen so far is the motorcycle, great at moving fast, not so good with rocky terrain.

In one section of the gameplay, Sam encounters a goopy hellhound set on ending his life. This appears to be one of several boss-like fights in Death Stranding. This is actually one of the weakest bosses in the game according to several translators sitting in the Twitch chat who were giving English-speakers on-the-fly translations.

The blog over on the PlayStation site also provides a little more insight into the various things players saw during the gameplay. Apparently Sam has access to Hematic and EX Grenades, as well as an Anti-BT Handgun. There’s also a lot of importance placed on the positioning of the packages and goods Sam carries, so expect to take some time sorting all that out before setting off.

With more Death Stranding gameplay expected tomorrow, make sure you keep it locked to Shacknews so you don’t miss a moment of this wild ride. You can also check out the TGS 2019 page for more news and interviews straight from the show.

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