The Cartridge Family 070: Asif Joins For Super Mario Maker 2 Royale, NBA 2K20, Metal Wolf Chaos XD

Of All Man's Achievements In The 21St Century, This Is The Climax!!!


The boys and special guest Asif Khan gather 'round the proverbial campfire and bloviate about Super Mario Maker 2 for the majority of today's show. Then, we collectively salivate at the prospect of finally playing Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a FromSoftware joint that never made its way west back when it released on the original Xbox. It is, after all, July 4th here in the States and with that comes a heavy dose of Texas-sized (capital P) Patriotism. So, sit back and relax as we salute the Great American Video Game. Also, if you're not American, we're really glad you're here, too. Enjoy!

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