15-minute Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct airs May 15

A Nintendo Direct presentation dedicated to Super Mario Maker 2 is set to air this coming Wednesday, May 15.


Nintendo surprised its audience earlier this year with the formal unveiling of a brand new Super Mario Maker. With Super Mario Maker 2 just weeks away from release, there are still a few questions surrounding some of its features, its updated interface, and the sheer number of toys that creators and players can put to use. It now looks like many of those questions are set to be answered, with Nintendo announcing that a dedicated Nintendo Direct presentation will air this coming Wednesday.

There are no specifics indicated for this direct, but look for Nintendo to reveal information on exactly how stage sharing will work, as well as the different number of tools that can be put towards level creation. Also be on the lookout for features that will entice the non-creative types who are simply in it for the fun of playing other people's custom stages.

Super Mario Maker 2 was originally revealed back at the February 13 Nintendo Direct. While the Nintendo Switch doesn't exactly have the same tablet controller that the Wii U did, this new Super Mario Maker will also make use of touchscreen controls for those using the Switch in Handheld Mode. The interface looks similar to the Wii U original with a vast number of additions. Players can still style their levels like Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros., but they'll also have access to all-new enemy types, new terrain options, boss characters, and different game-specific mechanics. Various tools are also being imported from companion games like Super Mario 3D World, like the Cat Suit and the clear pipes.

Today's Nintendo Direct announcement follows up on the Super Mario Maker 2 release date reveal from a few weeks ago. The game is almost here. Look for Super Mario Maker 2 to arrive on Nintendo Switch on June 28, with the Nintendo Direct airing live on YouTube this Wednesday, May 15 at 3PM PT.

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