Borderlands 3 Xbox One controls and button mapping

Get ready for Gearbox Software's latest game by learning the basic Xbox One controls and buttons for Borderlands 3.


Let's face facts: No one can play Borderlands 3 on Xbox One without first learning the game's controls. The latest looter-shooter release from Gearbox Software offers up a fairly standard button mapping, and players who are familiar with the past games should feel right at home with the Borderlands 3 controls. For those who are new to the series, don't worry — we've got all the basic functions laid out plainly below.

Borderlands 3 Xbox One controls

The controls for Borderlands 3 follow a fairly standard format: Analog sticks are used for moving and looking, while the shoulder buttons and triggers are used for aiming, firing, and other offensive options. An interesting new function this time around is the use of the B button to perform a slide, which was shown off during the Gearbox gameplay reveal live stream.

For convenience, we've put together the following table which lists all of the basic buttons and controller functions in Borderlands 3.

Button Function
Left Analog Move / Spring (Press LS)
Right Analog Look / Melee (Press RS)
D-Pad Left/Right Cycle Tracked Mission
D-Pad Down Toggle Fire Mode
LB Action Skill
LT Aim Down Sight
RB Grenade / Action Skill 2
RT Fire Weapon
A Jump
B Crouch / Slide / Ground Slam
X Primary Use / Pick Up Item / Reload
Y Secondary Use / Cycle to Next Weapon
Menu Pause Menu
View Character Menus

Playing on Sony's console? Check out the Borderlands 3 controls and button mapping on PlayStation 4.

Gearbox has been pouring a lot of love and attention into Borderlands 3, particularly when it comes to refining the series' trademark weapon abilities and cooperative challenges. Even better, the developers have put a bigger emphasis on loot balancing by introducing a new mechanic that scales weapons and loot based on individual player levels. Concerns of finding low-level gear when playing with friends are now a thing of the past.

With a mastery of the essential buttons and controls in Borderlands 3, players stand the best chances of braving the many challenges of Gearbox Software's latest release. To stay on top of other game guides and news, be sure to head over to our Borderlands 3 home page.

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