Borderlands 3 PlayStation 4 controls and button mapping

Take a look at all the basic controls and button mapping on Borderlands 3 for PlayStation 4.


If you’re planning on playing Borderlands 3 on the PlayStation 4, then you’re going to need to know all the game’s controls. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about Borderlands 3’s PlayStation 4 controls and button mapping.

Borderlands 3 PlayStation 4 controls and button mapping

To make the controls easier to follow, we’ve broken them down into a handy table that outlines each button and its function below. As with any game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, some buttons will work as additional functions, which means you’ll be able to hold them down to perform other tasks.

Button Function
X Jump
Circle Crouch/Slide/Ground Slam (while in the air)
Triangle Secondary Use/Cycle to the next weapon
R1 Grenade/Action Skill 2 (only available on Zane)
R2 Fire Weapon
L1 Action Skill
L2 Aim Down Sight
Left and right on D-Pad Cycle through tracked missions
Down on D-Pad Toggle fire modes
R3 Melee
Options Pause Menu
Touchpad Character Menus

Borderlands 3 will arrive later this year. Our very own, Ozzie Mejia had a change to go hands-on with the game this week. After playing he stated, “This is only the beginning for what looks to be a massive Borderlands experience.” You can read his full impressions on the demo that Gearbox showcased by heading over to our Borderlands 3 hands-on preview. Whether you’re a long-time Borderlands fan, or someone just preparing to dive into the series for the first time, Borderlands 3 is shaping up to be an exciting addition to the premiere looter shooter series.

Borderlands 3 PlayStation 4 controls and button mapping
Claptrap is just one of many returning characters that players can run into in Borderlands 3.

Now that you know the Borderlands 3 PlayStation 4 controls, you can prepare to dive into the game when it releases this coming September. In the meantime, why not head over to our Borderlands 3 page and check out some of the other great content we’ve got about the latest game in the Borderlands series.

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