How to get the secret ending in Devil May Cry 5

Change the course of history by unlocking Devil May Cry 5's secret ending.


Just when you thought you reached the true ending of Devil May Cry 5, turns out there’s a secret ending. Seeing the secret ending is no easy task, and should probably only be attempted by those who have completed the main story.

How to get the secret ending

The secret ending to Devil May Cry 5 is accessed by defeating Urizen during the Prologue mission. That’s right, the very first mission in the game where you fail miserably to defeat the demon, you need to give it another shot. As it turns out, killing Urizen at the start circumvents the whole “demons overrunning the world” problem.

Because Urizen is incredibly strong at the start, it’s a good idea to level up before attempting this. In fact, by completing the entire game, you’ll have access to a set of moves unavailable at the start. Furthermore, by playing through, you can collect all the blue orb fragments to upgrade Nero’s vitality, allowing him to survive far longer in the fight.

How to defeat Urizen during the Prologue

Devil May Cry 5 secret ending
You have practically no health at the start of Devil May Cry 5. Go hunt blue orb fragments, then return later to defeat Urizen and unlock the secret ending.

Killing Urizen during the Prologue is going to be tough. Urizen does a whole lot of damage and is entirely invulnerable for most of the fight. To get to the point where you can even attack Urizen, you will first need to destroy or weaken the red crystal.

Begin by attacking the crystal by any means necessary. If you’re a long-time Devil May Cry player, you should have no problems with this stage. However, if you’re new to the series or just a bit rusty, consider relying heavily on Nero’s Red Queen sword. Though the Blue Rose does deal damage, chances are you’ll be shooting the crystal for a long time.

As for Devil Breaker loadouts, this one is going to be personal preference. In saying this, due to the frequency and chaotic nature of Urizen’s attacks, it can be worth using the Gerbera. The Gerbera offers unlimited dodges, making it a breeze to avoid getting hit.

Continue to attack the crystal, and once it goes down, get in and wail on Urizen. If you’ve finished the game, you should have no trouble quickly destroying his health. In the event you’re still completing the main story, just use your best abilities. This step may need to be repeated a few times before he dies.

Once Urizen is defeated, you will be treated to Devil May Cry 5’s secret ending. Now that the secret ending is out of the way, check out our guide on all the secret missions in Devil May Cry 5!

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