Blue orb fragment locations in Devil May Cry 5

Upgrade your health by collecting all blue orb fragments hidden around the main story and secret missions in Devil May Cry 5.


Blue orbs are used to increase the main characters’ vitality capacity in Devil May Cry 5. Most of these blue orbs are actually shattered into fragments and hidden throughout the main story. After collecting four blue orb fragments, they will transform into a whole blue orb and another block of health will be added to the total.

Blue orb fragment locations

Blue orbs and blue orb fragments are collected through three primary means: the main story missions, secret mission challenges, and from Nico’s shop. Players will need to collect all blue orb fragments in order to reach max health. Keep an eye out for a blue glow, as this is a sign that a blue orb fragment is hidden nearby.

Blue orbs from Nico

Nico sells six blue orbs (not fragments) at her shop in the van. The price of the blue orbs increases exponentially, so make sure you know how to get more red robs. The cost of buying all six blue orbs from Nico is 78,000 red orbs:

  • Blue orb 1: 1,500 red orbs
  • Blue orb 2: 3,500 red orbs
  • Blue orb 3: 6,000 red orbs
  • Blue orb 4: 9,000 red orbs
  • Blue orb 5: 18,000 red orbs
  • Blue orb 6: 40,000 red orbs

Mission 1

The first blue orb fragment can be found in mission 1 when playing as Nero. After dropping down from the bridge where Nero spots the red demon, turn around and walk under the bridge to find the first blue orb fragment.

Mission 2

Another blue orb fragment can be found in mission 2. This fragment is found in the outside section where a nidhog hatchling must be collected. Look for the Gerbera Devil Breaker by the fence, above it is a broken wall. Climb up to the wall to find the blue orb fragment in the room.

Mission 3

A blue orb fragment can be found near the start of mission 3. After learning the Grim Grip move, jump across the platforms until you reach a central platform with two of the Grim Grip pedestals, a green orb mass and a red orb mass. Use the Grim Grip platform on the right to double-back onto a building behind you. The blue orb fragment is tucked between the air conditioning units.

Mission 3 has another blue orb fragment, this time tucked in a stairwell in the sewers. There will be a Grim Grip that can be shot to easily ascend the stairs. When at the very top, wall climb up to the upper ledge where a Grim Grip platform will be, use it to go through the hole in the roof to find the blue orb fragment.

Mission 4

The first blue orb fragment during mission 4 can be found once you enter the main street. Look for the building with the large graffiti mural on it of a woman and a skeleton. While looking at the graffiti, summon Nightmare to break down the wall. Jump into the building and climb the stairs to get the blue orb fragment.

This blue orb fragment can be found during mission 4 while in the city streets. After crossing the broken bridge, take the Nidhog Hatchling and continue along into the street. There will be a path blocked by roots, use the Nidhog to destroy it, revealing the blue orb fragment.

Mission 5

When playing as V, continue through mission 5 into the construction site. The area you’re looking for has a red root that needs clearing in order to access the area through the underside of a red ship. Instead of going through the now-cleared area, go to the opposite side of the room to find a small alleyway with the blue orb fragment at the end.

Mission 8

A blue orb fragment can be found during mission 8, across from one of the crumbling flesh elevators.

Another blue orb fragment can be found in mission 8 when playing as Nero. After riding up the second blood elevator and approaching another blood conduit, run around the back of the blood tube and kill the tentacle. Run back to the front to find the blue orb fragment spawned.

Mission 9

The first blue orb fragment of mission 9 can be found behind a door blocked by roots (this is also where a secret mission is found). Stand near the roots and summon Nightmare to clear the path, granting you access to the blue orb fragment.

This blue orb fragment is found near the area with the coffins when playing as V. Look for the blue glow through some fallen rubble and then jump down a hole nearby. Defeat the enemies and then look out the doorway. Don't jump down to the ground, instead, jump over to the ledge. Jump up the three ledges and then up to the next level to get the blue orb fragment.

Mission 10

Another blue orb fragment can be found during mission 10 when playing as Dante. The orb can be found floating on a ledge above an arena, which has an irising door on the side. Go through the pulsing door and follow the small tunnel to the top. Jump across to the ledge to get the blue orb fragment.

Mission 11

Another blue orb fragment can be found during mission 11 when playing as Dante. After destroying the blood root on the checkerboard floor, jump down to the lower level and destroy the next root to reveal a room. Inside the room is the blue orb fragment.

Mission 12

This blue orb fragment is found when playing as Dante in mission 12. Go to the blood fountain and then begin the process of activating each blood stream. Pass through the balcony behind the fountain and follow the path along, clearing the enemies. The door you’re looking for is hidden behind a blood clot that must be destroyed. Pass through the hole and look to the right to spot some ledges that can be jumped up, inside this area are some red orb trees and the blue orb fragment. If you reach the room where the blood cages pop out of the ground to trap Dante, you’ve gone too far.

Mission 14

Another blue orb fragment can be found during mission 14 when playing as V. After descending into another realm, V will need to reacquire his abilities. Unlock Griffon and then in the hub section where the gates are, use the rocks on the right to climb up high. Jump across the gap, using Griffon to glide around the floating rock.

Mission 15

The first blue orb fragment of mission 15 is found near the divine statue shop. Behind the shop is a path leading down to a jumping puzzle. Use the Gerbera Devil Breaker and double-jump to jump-boost around the gauntlet. The easiest way up is to use the right-hand path and once at the top, turn around and use the winding track to reach the blue orb fragment.

Another blue orb fragment can be found during mission 15 when playing as Nero. Continue through the level until you come across a room with a Grim Grip pad at the exit, use the pad to access the upper levels where enemies await you. Defeat the enemies along the path, continuing up to the next level where you’ll find the blue orb fragment at the end.

Mission 18

A blue orb fragment is unlocked when playing as Dante during mission 18. Continue through the level and after fighting Shadow, jump up the ledges to the next platform. Three red orb demons will spawn, destroy them all before they disappear and the blue orb fragment will spawn.

There are a lot of blue orb fragments to collect and buy in Devil May Cry 5. Purchasing a blue orb from Nico will add one whole block to the vitality bar. The blue orbs found during levels and secret missions are actually fragments that require four to be made into a whole blue orb. While no health upgrades are needed to complete the game, finding all the blue orb locations does make a lot of the fights easier.

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