How to get more red orbs fast in Devil May Cry 5

Unlock more skills and buy more items by earning more crystallized demon blood red orbs in Devil May Cry 5.


There are a lot of things to buy and upgrade in Devil May Cry 5 and all of them require a lot of red orbs. The red orbs go by another name, crystallized demon blood, and act as the main form of currency. To purchase all the skills and abilities, and resupply the Devil Breakers between missions, players will need to get as many red orbs as possible.

What are red orbs used for?

Devil May Cry 5 red orbs
Red orbs are the currency of Devil May Cry 5, used to purchase and upgrade skills, and even revive when knocked down.

Red orbs are the main currency in Devil May Cry 5 that are used to purchase skills and moves, Devil Breakers and gold orbs, as well as blue orbs and purple orbs. Over 11 million red orbs are needed to purchase everything from Nico’s shop. This is a herculean task, even for skilled players, so knowing how to get more red orbs is going to be important.

How to get more red orbs

Devil May Cry 5 red orb clusters
Smash all the red orb clusters and roots you discover to increase the amount of red orbs you collect.

Devil May Cry 5 gives the player red orbs for just about everything they do. However, players will want to maximise their red orb earnings by focusing on a few key areas:

  • Killing enemies
  • Getting better Stylish rankings
  • Destroying crystallized demon blood trees
  • Finding red orb clusters
  • Using the Dr. Faust hat

The demon blood trees and red orb clusters are pretty similar in appearance. Both of these are red chunks of crystallized demon blood and both can be destroyed by simple sword attacks. However, the demon blood trees are great big masses of red orbs that are often tucked away in secret or hard-to-reach areas. Tracking these down and destroying them offers a nice bump in red orbs.

Killing enemies and Stylish rankings go hand in hand. When killing an enemy, they will always drop some red orbs, but killing enemies and maintaining a better Stylish ranking will yield better results. Make sure you know how to get more Stylish Points, as this will be critical to earning more red orbs. After a mission is cleared, Devil May Cry 5 will track how stylish your attacks were, and the higher your ranking, the more red orbs you’ll receive in the post-mission reward screen.

Devil May Cry 5 Dr. Faust hat
The Devil May Cry 5 Dr. Faust hat is a ridiculous head wear that Dante uses to deal damage to enemies and to gain large quantities of red orbs.

Finally, the Dr. Faust hat is a high-risk high-reward playstyle that allows players to earn hundreds of thousands of red orbs. The Dr. Faust hat is unlocked after mission 13 and can only be used by Dante. Any enemy hit by the Dr. Faust hat will be marked, and any attacks against that marked enemy will have them spew out red orbs. The risk is that getting hit when wearing the Dr. Faust hat means you lose red orbs. Similarly, a lot of the attacks drain your red orb count. The trick is to mark enemies, attack them, and avoid getting hit.

Collecting millions of red orbs in Devil May Cry 5 is going to take a lot of time. Players looking to unlock all the skills and moves should focus on improving their Stylish rankings, explore every corner, and utilize Dante’s Dr. Faust hat.

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