Gold orb locations in Devil May Cry 5

Get back into the fight after dying by collecting all the gold orbs in Devil May Cry 5.


Devil May Cry 5 has a lot of hidden items in its missions, and one of the most important is the gold orbs. These gold orbs have the power to bring Nero, V, and Dante back from death, allowing them to continue the fight. Having a stockpile of gold orbs is important, so finding their locations in each mission is a good idea.

Gold orb locations

Most missions in Devil May Cry 5 have at least one gold orb that can be collected. These can be found either on the main path or off in a secret area. Gold orbs can also be earned by having another player give you a “Stylish!” rating after a co-op section. A gold orb can also be bought from Nico’s shop, for a high price.

Mission 3

A gold orb can be found in mission 3 on the rooftop near the hidden Grim Grip point that must be shot to be activated.

This gold orb is also found in mission 3, along the critical path toward the sewer tunnel.

Mission 4

Another gold orb can be found when playing as V in mission 4. Fight through to the outside area where you can summon the nightmare for the first time. After defeating the enemies, climb the shipping containers on the side of the area to find the gold orb at the top.

Another gold orb can be found in mission 4 after clearing the bridge of the red root and then having the bridge collapse. The orb will be right next to you on the track.

Mission 5

A gold orb can be found in mission 5 when playing as V. After falling down the hole and into the underground tunnels, follow the tunnel with the large pipe running along the top of the wall into the dead-end. The gold orb is sitting by a root and some rubbish.

Mission 7

This gold orb is found shortly after the beginning of mission 7 when playing as Nero. Continue through the subway and into the stairwell. Climb the stairs all the way to the top to find the gold orb.

Mission 8

Another gold orb can be found at the top of the second blood elevator. Ride the elevator to the very top and then jump to grab the gold orb. This is right near a secret mission, so get that while you’re here.

Mission 9

This gold orb can be found toward the beginning of mission 9 when playing as V. Look for the gold orb stuck behind a fallen wall. It might look like you can grab it by just jumping, however you will need to stand back and summon Nightmare to bust the wall down.

This gold orb can be found during mission 9 when playing as V, after exiting the area with the coffins. Go outside, to the left is a large semicircle structure covered in faces and to the right a cliff overlooking a lower area. The gold orb is to the right on the cliff’s edge.

Mission 10

A gold orb can be found when playing as Dante in mission 10. Continue through the mission until you enter a large arena with an irising, heart-valve door on each side. Go through the one on the left to find a gold orb.

Devil May Cry 5 gold orb locations
This gold orb is found through one of the pulsing doors during mission 10.

Another gold orb can be found in mission 10 when playing as Dante. Continue through the level until you reach a room with several flapping ledges. Jump up each ledge to the top and turn around, the gold orb will be on another ledge.

Mission 12

This gold orb can be found when playing as Dante during mission 12. The gold orb is found on one of the ledges around the blood fountain. To reach the gold orb, players will need to make their way through each of the hallways, ensuring that blood flows down the tracks to the fountains.

Mission 13

Another gold orb can be found in mission 13 when playing as Dante. After the fight in the large room with all the bloody enemy spawners, drop down a hole and run through a cave covered in yellow, honey-like substance. Run to the top and across a bridge to pick up this gold orb.

A gold orb is found during mission 13 when playing as Dante. In the large circular room where the bloody enemy spawners are, destroy the blood clots on the ground to open up holes in the wall. One of the gaps in the wall has a gold orb.

Mission 16

This gold orb can be found during mission 16 when playing as Dante. Defeat the first group of enemies and then progress into the next area, across the gap is the gold orb in a cave. Use the yellow platforms to get closer and then the Trickster style to dash across. The Air Hike ability might be needed to cross the gap.

There are dozens of gold orbs to find in Devil May Cry 5 and each will allow you to come back to life without any penalty. Collecting them all is important, especially when tackling the harder difficulty levels. Be sure to collect all the blue orb fragments, as having more health will ensure you avoid having to use gold orbs.

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