How to play co-op with friends in Crackdown 3

Take on the city of New Providence in explosive co-op action in Crackdown 3.


Crackdown 3 is a blast to play solo, and it’s even greater when playing with a friend. Since the original released back in 2007, every entry has included co-op play, and Crackdown 3 is no different. For those looking to play with a friend, setting up a co-op game is simple – just be careful not to delete your world save!

What is the co-op like?

Crackdown 3’s co-op is exactly the same as the singleplayer experience, but this time there are two super powerful Agents running around instead of just one. Players will be able to save the militia from prisoner hardpoints, blow up the chimera fields, and even collect Agent DNA with their partner in justice.

Crackdown 3 co-op
When playing co-op with a friend, any Agility orbs they have yet to collect will appear as silhouettes in your game.

Collecting Agility orbs and Hidden orbs is much the same, except a silhouette of the orb will be visible if your co-op partner hasn’t found it yet. This will help you work together to find them all, which is good because there are 1,000 orbs to find.

How to play co-op

Setting up a co-op game is incredibly simple. The host player will want to select their Agent and then the world they want to play in. The player who will be joining the host will need to select their Agent and then a blank world save slot. This is very important. The slot you select will have the host player’s world saved to it. This means if the joiner selects their primary world, it will be overwritten.

Be careful not to overwrite your world save when selecting where to save your friends world when playing co-op.
Be careful not to overwrite your world save when selecting where to save your friends world when playing co-op.

It’s a strange setup, but one that requires special attention, as it can be easy to simply mash the A button, thinking you’re confirming. To reiterate: make sure you are not overwriting your own save when joining a friend for co-op.

Is there co-op match-making?

While Crackdown 3 does offer co-op with friends, there is currently no co-op matchmaking. This means if you don’t have any friends who are playing, you will be limited to playing by yourself. That’s not to say Sumo Digital and Elbow Rocket won’t add it in the future, so we can always hope.

Does Crackdown 3 have 4-player co-op?

No, Crackdown 3 does not have 4-player co-op. Unfortunately, you and three other friends will not be able to play together in a four-Agent super squad. Unlike Crackdown 2, players are limited to 2-player co-op, which is still fun, but not nearly as explosive as it would be to roll around as four Agents.

Is there cross-platform play co-op with Xbox One and PC?

Yes, Crackdown 3 has cross-play enabled, meaning that players on two different platforms can play together. This is the beauty of the Microsoft Play Anywhere system: if a game has multiplayer (whether competitive or co-op), it can usually be played across multiple platforms.

To break it down further, if you’re playing Crackdown 3 on PC and a friend is playing Crackdown 3 on Xbox One, you can team up together in co-op and take down TerraNova.

Playing games co-op with a friend is always fun, and Crackdown 3 is no different. Setting up a co-op game in Crackdown 3 is super easy, and it’s made easier thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere service, which allows for cross-platform play. For more information, check out the Shacknews Crackdown 3 game guides and walkthrough.

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