Vehicle lockups & enforcer precinct locations in Crackdown 3

Prevent TerraNova's enforcers' freedom of movement by destroying their vehicles and taking down their precincts in Crackdown 3.


Driving vehicles is all part of the fun in Crackdown 3, but destroying vehicles is even better. As part of the on-going operation to take down TerraNova, Agents will need to locate several vehicle lockups and destroy the cars within. Players will also need to locate a few enforcer precincts and kill any officers that might be hanging around.

Vehicle lockup and enforcer precinct locations

There are nine of these locations dotted around New Providence, with a split between vehicle lockups and enforcer precincts. There are three enforcer precincts to conquer and six vehicle lockups to destroy, and each of them use the same symbol on the map.

To destroy the vehicles, find the blue wires and follow them back to a power source. Destroy all sets of batteries keeping the shields up to gain access to the garage. Similarly, the enforcer precincts can be conquered by located each officer and taking them down.

Crackdown 3 Vehicle Lockups and Enforcer Precincts
Map of Crackdown 3's enforcer precincts, including vehicle lockups.

1. Westport

The first vehicle lockup can be found in Westport, on the west side of the area, due south of the monorail station.

2. Westport

Another vehicle lockup can be found in Westport. Go to the north side of the area and search near the border to the Exchange.

3. The Exchange

The first enforcer precinct is found in The Exchange. Go to the north part of the region to find the precinct near the supply point that’s on the rocky peninsula.

4. Oasis Precinct

Another vehicle lockup can be found in the Oasis Precinct, near the five pipelins running along the top of the area.

5. Oasis Precinct

The second enforcer precinct is located in the Oasis Precinct. Go to the north of the region toward the border of The Refinery to find the group of enforcers.

6. Oasis Precinct

This vehicle lockup is in the south of the Oasis Precinct. Locate the four buildings nestled by the highway to find the vehicles that need destroy.

7. Ashwood Marina

Another vehicle lockup is in Ashwood Marina. Go to the north area, east of the monorail, to find the vehicles.

8. Ashwood Marina

The final enforcer precinct is found in Ashwood Marina. Go east to the hexagon buildings to locate this last precinct.

9. Ashwood Marina

The final vehicle lockup is in Ashwood Marina. Go to the southeast to find the hexagon buildings, the vehicle lockup is nearby.

Locating and taking down all of the vehicle lockups and enforcer precincts will help increase the success rate of going after some of TerraNova’s top dogs in Crackdown 3. Keep in mind that these areas will grow more difficult the more you move around the island, so bring a lot of firepower. Check out the Shacknews Crackdown 3 collection of guides for other helpful mission briefs and collectible maps.

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