Monorail station locations in Crackdown 3

Loosen TerraNova's control on New Providence by taking over each monorail station in Crackdown 3.


While players won’t be riding the monorail in Crackdown 3, they do get to fight the artificial intelligence that controls the network. Before ROXY the AI can be fought, players will need to take control of at least five monorail stations, but why stop there when you could control all nine?

Monorail station locations

There are nine monorail stations to take over in New Providence and doing so grants more than just more knowledge of the boss or a higher success rate. Any time an Agent returns to a monorail station, it will summon friendly turrets to help take down any units that are in pursuit. This is extremely helpful during lockdown encounters, where the Agent must survive against waves of enemies from all three factions.

To actually control a monorail, players will need to kill units outside the station until the station master comes out to play. Destroy the station master to take control of the monorail station, increasing your own strength and weakening TerraNova.

Monorail station locations Crackdown 3
Map of all nine monorail station locations in Crackdown 3.

1. Westport

The first monorail station is located in Westport, up the street from the eastern supply point.

2. Westport

The second monorail station is also found in Westport, this time on the western side of the area.

3. The Exchange

The third monorail station is in The Exchange, right on the border it shares with Founder’s Footsteps.

4. Khan’s Scar

The fourth monorail station is in Khan’s Scar, to the south of the main facility.

5. Khan’s Scar

Another monorail station is in Khan’s Scar, this one north of the main facility.

6. Zangado’s Breath

This monorail station is located in Zangado’s Breath, in the northeast of the area. Head to the border this area shares with Sulphur Spits to find the monorail.

7. The Refinery

The seventh monorail station is in The Refinery, on the eastern side of the area near the edge of the island.

8. Ashwood Marina

The second-last monorail station is in Ashwood Marina. Go to the west side of the area, close to New Pantheon, to find the monorail and its master.

9. Last Resort

The last monorail station can be found in Last Resort, right on the border it shares with The Vision.

Taking down all nine monorail stations isn’t required in completing Crackdown 3, but it is needed for all the Achievements. Head over to the Shacknews Crackdown 3 collectibles and guides article to find other tips and tricks for this next entry in the series.

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