All Agent DNA locations in Crackdown 3

Personalise the Agent's appearance by tracking down DNA and unlocking all playable Agents in Crackdown 3.


There are a lot of things to collect in Crackdown 3 with one of the most important being Agent DNA. Any player that wants to make their Agent look more like them will need to spend some time tracking down the location of all Agent DNA. While there are 21 Agents to play as in Crackdown 3, only 6 are available at the start of the game.

Agent DNA locations

At the beginning of Crackdown 3, all Agent DNA (except for six Agents) is scattered across New Providence. Collecting all 15 other Agents will require players finding the DNA sequences, which can be difficult given the vast size and verticality of the city.

The reason collecting all the Agent DNA is a good idea is that each character offers different stat bonuses. These bonuses help to level up stats quickly in Crackdown 3, as the grind to get through the final level before max power is quite lengthy and a 10% boost is quite valuable.

Agent DNA Crackdown 3
Use the above map and the below directions to find all 15 Agent DNA strands.

1. Marshal – The Exchange

Marshal’s DNA orb can be found in the west side of the Exchange, on top of a building near the monorail track.

2. Anderson – Founder’s Footsteps

Anderson’s DNA orb can be found in Founder’s Footsteps, on the western beach south of the highway

3. Nikias – Khan’s Scar

Nikias’ DNA is in Khan’s Scar, on top of the monorail station to the west.

4. Hicks – Dumping Grounds

Hick’s DNA is in Dumping Grounds, on the north side of the area in a space blanket-covered tunnel.

5. Varma – Picker’s Pen

The DNA for Varma is in Picker’s Den, east of the supply point, among buildings in the slums.

6. Bartrom – New Patheon

Bartrom’s DNA is on the very edge of New Pantheon, below Quist’s Logistics Tower. Look for the pipeline feeding into the mountain, the orb is on top of the structure.

7. Lazar – Sulphur’s Spit

Lazar can be found in Sulphur’s Spit. Search the hill overlooking the Chimera Field to find the DNA orb.

8. Petrov – The Refinery

Petrov’s DNA is in The Refinery, below the statue on the mountain. Head to the statue and enter the structure the statue is built on.

9. Schmidt – Ashwood Marina

Schmidt is in Ashwood Marina, on top of one of the three buildings close to the eastern side of the island.

10. Baresi – Ashwood Marina

Baresi’s DNA is in Ashwood Marina, above the supply point near the hexagon buildings.

11. Cuan – Ashwood Marina

Cuan’s DNA is in Ashwood Marina, on the chimera island

12. Mensah – The Vision

Mensah’s DNA orb is found in The Vision, on top of a tower to the south of the area, only accessible by climbing the nearby buildings.

13. Walker – Southern Heights

Walker’s DNA is in Southern Heights, on top of a windmill overlooking the ocean. Use the cylinder building nearby to reach the top of the windmill.

14. Gadise – Southern Heights

Gadise’s DNA is in Southern Heights, in the slum area to the west. Search the beach south of the supply point to find the orb.

15. Ramos – New Pantheon

Ramos’ DNA is in New Pantheon, to the south of TerraNova HQ. Look for the cluster of triangle buildings, the orb is on top. To reach the top of the building, either jump off TerraNova HQ and survive the impact or climb the buildings.

Agent stat bonuses

As mentioned above, each Agent offers a unique mixture of stat bonuses. The main bonus will always be a 10% boost while the secondary boost will be 5%. It’s a good idea to switch up your Agent depending on what skill you wish to focus leveling. However, for the first part of the game, the Agent you choose play as will likely be nothing more than personal preference.

Number Agent Stat Bonus
Starter Agent Jaxon +10% Strength XP, +5% Explosives XP
Starter Agent Zaya +10% Driving XP, +5% Agility XP
Starter Agent Forgey +10% Explosives XP, +5% Firearms XP
Starter Agent Chapman +10% Strength XP, +5% Firearms XP
Starter Agent Roux +10% Agility XP, +5% Driving XP
Starter Agent De Sousa +10% Agility XP, +5% Explosives XP
1 Marshal +10% Firearms XP, +5% Strength XP
2 Anderson +10% Firearms XP, +5% Explosives XP
3 Nikias +10% Driving XP, +5% Firearms XP
4 Hicks +10% Driving XP, +5% Explosives XP
5 Varma +10% Agility XP, +5% Firearms XP
6 Bartrom +10% Explosives XP, +5% Strength XP
7 Lazar +10% Explosives XP, +5% Driving XP
8 Petrov +10% Explosives XP, +5% Agility XP
9 Schmidt +10% Explosives XP, +5% Strength XP
10 Baresi +10% Driving XP, +5% Strength XP
11 Cuan +10% Agility XP, +5% Strength XP
12 Mensah +10% Strength XP, +5% Agility XP
13 Walker +10% Firearms XP, +5% Agility XP
14 Gadise +10% Firearms XP, +5% Driving XP
15 Ramos +10% Strength XP, +5% Driving XP

With 21 Agents to choose from, there will no doubt be a character that suits your personal preference in Crackdown 3. Keep in mind that these Agents offer various stat bonuses, so use this to your advantage to help bump up those levels. Checkout the Shacknews Crackdown 3 guides and collectibles for a comprehensive list of things to do and find in Crackdown 3.

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