Chimera field locations in Crackdown 3

Find and destroy the chimera fields in Crackdown 3 to halt the production of the deadly chemical poisoning the people of New Providence.


The chimera fields are a harvesting site of TerraNova’s, which means the only logical action is to blow them all up. There are five to destroy around New Providence, with some of the later sites lacking any rocks to use. Locating and destroying all of the chimera fields sound simple at first, but it can be easy to miss the icon on the crowded map in Crackdown 3.

How to destroy chimera fields

There are a few ways to destroy the chimera fields. The first option is to shoot the smashing pistons that plunge into the vats of chimera. This will slowly whittle down the health until they explode. Early in the game, this isn’t a viable option given how little damage the player’s weapons will be dealing.

The second option is to find nearby boulders and throw them into the pit. Every time the piston hits the boulder, it will take a chunk of damage. Throw two rocks in to destroy the chimera fields.

Unfortunately, the last chimera field doesn’t have any rocks nearby, but there are giant mechs. Destroy the mechs, pick up their chassis, and throw them into the chimera. Alternatively, at this point you should have nearly all the weapons and gadgets in Crackdown 3, so shooting the chimera field pumps is an option.

Chimera field locations

There are five chimera fields to destroy in Crackdown 3 as part of dismantling TerraNova’s industry division. Destroying all five is important if players want to improve their success rate when going after TerraNova’s major players. The other industry areas that must be destroyed are the pipeline controls and the containment sites.

Crackdown 3 Chimera field locations map
Use the map and descriptions to find all chimera fields in Crackdown 3.

1. Westport

The first chimera field can be found in the middle of Westport.

2. Founder’s Footsteps

The next chimera field is located in Founder’s Footsteps, on the northern peninsula.

3. Sulphur Spits

This chimera field is located in the Sulphur Spits, the north-most point of the entire city.

4. Last Resort

Another chimera field is found in Last Resort. Go to the southwest of the region to find the pumps, right by the water overlooking a propaganda tower.

5. Southern Heights

The last chimera field is in Southern Heights. Go to the southwest area to find the fields looking out across the water to the first part of the island.

Finding the location of all five chimera fields and destroying them will severely weaken TerraNova and help the citizens of New Providence. Be sure to bring some powerful weapons to the last few, as boulders will be rather limited. Jump over to the Shacknews Crackdown 3 collectibles and guides hub for more helpful mission locations and walkthroughs.

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