Pipeline control locations in Crackdown 3

Destroy the chemical pipelines that circle the island to dismantle TerraNova's operations in Crackdown 3.


A series of pipeline controls circle the island of New Providence like a snake constricting its prey, and it’s up to the Agency to cut off its head. Each of the five pipeline controls are heavily defended, so bring a gun – that shouldn’t be a problem!

Pipeline Control locations

The pipeline controls are a series of valves and tunnels, each controlling the flow of chimera around New Providence. Players will need to target each of the valves around the pipelines and destroy them, building pressure until the central unit is exposed. Once the center is pushed up, destroy it to completely shut down the pipeline.

Because some of the pipelines are located in late-game areas, it can be a good idea to level up first before heading in, as enemy units will be more powerful the further around the island you go.

Crackdown 3 Pipeline Control locations map
There are five Pipeline Control locations circling New Providence.

1. Khan’s Scar

The first pipeline control can be found in Khan’s Scar, on the inner side of the area in the east.

2. Dumping Grounds

The second pipeline control is in the Dumping Grounds, the region to the northwest of New Providence. This pipeline control shares a border with Khan’s Scar, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find.

3. Zangado’s Breath

The next pipeline control is in Zangado’s Breath. Search the southern side of the region that shares a border with New Pantheon.

4. New Pantheon

The fourth pipeline control is in New Pantheon, in the shadow of Quist’s Logistics Tower.

5. Ashwood Marina

The last pipeline control is in Ashwood Marina, over the water in the southwest. Head to the border Ashwood Marina shared with Terminus to locate the pipeline.

Taking down each of the five pipeline control locations will get players one step closer to destroying TerraNova and freeing the city of New Providence from its grasp. Checkout the Shacknews Crackdown 3 guide hub for more collectible guides and mission locations.

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