Containment site locations in Crackdown 3

Find and shutdown all containment sites in Crackdown 3 to weaken TerraNova's grip on the city.


There are five containment sites tucked around New Providence, and each site holds some nasty chemicals. To help gain a stronger footing in the city, players will need to locate each of these containment sites and do what they do best: blow things up.

Containment site locations

The five containment sites are fairly spread out around the map, though three of them are in the southeast region, a rather late-game area of Crackdown 3. In order to sabotage each containment site, players will need to find and hack a few terminals and then blow up all available gas tanks and storage units. Expect heavy resistance, especially in the later areas, as the enemy units grow more powerful the further around the island you go.

Crackdown 3 Containment Sites locations map
Use the map, along with the descriptions below, to find the location of all Containment Sites in Crackdown 3.

1. Khan’s Scar

One of the first containment sites players can reasonably expect to find is located in Khan’s Scar, the main quarry and mining point of chimera in New Providence. The site can be found to the west near the water’s edge, just north of the main facility.

2. Picker’s Pen

The second containment site is located in Picker’s Pen, along the top of the region. Search out by the water to see the gas tanks that need to be destroyed.

3. New Pantheon

The third containment site is located in New Pantheon, along the border of Ashwood Marina. Look for the large building on the border to locate the gas storage units.

4. Last Resort

The fourth containment site is in Last Resort. Navigate to the southeast side of the region and head out to the edge of the island – you can’t miss it.

5. Southern Heights

The last containment site is located in Southern Heights, right on the waterfront. This site is south of the propaganda tower, so you can get both of these finished in quick succession.

After destroying all 5 containment sites, the next step will be to take down the pipelines and destroy the chimera fields. This will result in almost completely breaking the industry arm of TerraNova. Head over to the Shacknews Crackdown 3 collectibles and guides for more helpful walkthroughs.

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