Weapon, grenade, and gadget locations in Crackdown 3

Get your Agent armed to the teeth by finding and unlocking all weapons, gadgets, and grenades in Crackdown 3.


Don’t go knocking on TerraNova’s door with empty hands, bring the boom by unlocking and finding the biggest and baddest weapons, grenades, and gadgets in Crackdown 3. A lot of the weapons are easy to find, but a few of them must be collected from specific locations in New Providence.

How to unlock new weapons and grenades

Unlocking all the weapons, grenades and gadgets in Crackdown 3 requires one of three things, either find the weapon in the world, level up a skill to unlock it, or take it off an enemy. Leveling up a skill is easy, and you’ll simply have the weapon or grenade given to you, but some of these can be tricky to locate out there on the streets. Check out our guide on how to level up skills quickly in Crackdown 3 so you can get those late-game weapons sooner.

To actually unlock a weapon or grenade, you will need to pick it up. Once it’s in your hands, it will be added to your armory and you can either swap back to your preferred weapon or keep using it. Some weapons are found by killing enemies and picking it up, while others are only accessed by the triangular weapon supply crates.

These weapon supply crates are located around the streets wherever the bad guys can be found. Whenever you find a prisoner hardpoint, a monorail station, or one of the various industry locations, search for a weapon supply crate to see if it has a new weapon for you to use.


There are two dozen weapons to unlock and find in Crackdown 3 and while a few are tied to leveling up skills, a lot of them are hidden away waiting to be found. Find any that might be missing from your armory before you try to take down TerraNova’s leader.

Weapon name How to unlock weapon
Pistol The pistol is found at the very beginning of the game, to the right of the exit from the room
Conqueror The Exchange, found in the middle of the region, below groundlevel in an arcade
Machine Pistol Found on many of the early-game enemies
PDW Found on many of the early-game enemies
Bolt Thrower Pending...
Omni Rifle Zangado's Breath, at the Prisoner Hardpoint in the west
Prophecy Pending...
Minigun Defeat the monorail masters to find the minigun
Shotgun Found on many of the early-game enemies
Cryo-Shotgun The Exchange, found in the east side of the area, on a pillar with an ENF hologram
Vortex Cannon Unlocked at level 3 Firearms
Mulcher Pending...
Plasma Rifle Pending...
Arc Rifle Pending...
Graviton Tether Unlocked at level 5 Firearms
Pulse Beam Pending...
Grenade Launcher Pending...
Mass Driver Khan's Scar, at the prisoner hardpoint in the south
Jackhammer Pending...
Homing Rocket Picker's Pen, by the Containment Site
Decimator Pending...
Anubis Southern Heights, in the middle of the four large buildings, ground floor
Ragnarok Pending...
Oblivion At the top of the TerraNova Science Center

Grenades and Gadgets

Much like the weapons, there are almost a dozen grenades and gadgets to find and unlock in Crackdown 3. Some of these are tied to leveling up Explosives and Firearms, though most are found by simply playing the game.

Grenade or Gadget name How to unlock grenade or gadget
Frag Grenade Found near the beginning of the game
Incendiary Charge Pending...
Cryo Grenade Westport, at the prisoner hardpoint above the hexagon buildings
Matter Duplicator The Exchange, in an enforcer precinct to the north of the area
Chemical Grenade Westport, in the middle of the area on top of the oil derrick, by the river
Limpet Grenade Unlocked at level 2 Explosives
Arc Grenade Pending...
Singularity Grenade Unlocked at level 5 Explosives
Health Field Pending...
Ammo Field Unlocked at level 4 Firearms
Launch Pad Unlocked at level 3 Agility

Unlocking all the weapons, grenades and gadgets in Crackdown 3 is fairly easy, though some weapons will only be available quite late in the game. Focus on leveling up the firearm and explosives skill to unlock those that are tied to skills and keep your eyes peeled for any weapons on the streets. Swing by the Shacknews Crackdown 3 game guides and walkthrough for more collectible guides.

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