Skills, abilities, and leveling fast in Crackdown 3

Learn all about the skills and abilities in Crackdown 3 and how to level them all up quickly.


Crackdown 3 is here, and as players race into New Providence they’ll discover all sorts of skills and abilities as they dismantle TerraNova one leader at a time. These skills and abilities are quite close to what fans will remember from the original, though this time leveling them up quickly is going to be a bit easier.

Level up quickly

Leveling in Crackdown 3 has been given a bit of a boost thanks to Agent stat bonuses. Each of the 21 playable Agents has two stat bonuses that increase the amount of experience points gained for using that ability.

As an example, Agent Jaxon has a 10% boost to the amount of strength XP received and a 5% boost to explosives. This means that when using melees or explosives to kill an enemy, the amount of XP received is increased by either 10 or 5%, respectively. By using these stat bonuses effectively, players can speed up how fast they level their skills in Crackdown 3. Some of these fast leveling tips require unlocking other Agents, so know where to find all Agent DNA so you don't miss out.

  • Leveling Agility: Agent Roux has the best stat bonus for leveling agility fast
  • Leveling Firearms: Unlock Marshal to have the fastest way to level firearms
  • Leveling Strength: Use Agent Jaxon to level strength quickly
  • Leveling Explosives: Forgey has the best early-game explosive-leveling bonus
  • Leveling Driving: Zaya is excellent at quickly leveling driving

Out of all of these, agility and driving will likely take the longest to reach max level. Thankfully, Driving already levels up faster than the other stats, making it less of a grind than it was in the other titles. Agility is going to be time-consuming, as the only way to increase it is by collecting Agility orbs and Hidden orbs scattered around New Providence as well as by completing rooftop races.

Similarly, driving can be leveled by participating in the races and stunts found around the city. Keep an eye out for any purple rings floating in the air, as going through the while in a vehicle will net a small amount of XP.

Skills and abilities

Like the two games that came before it, Crackdown 3 includes five stats that players can level up: agility, firearms, strength, explosives, and driving. Each time one of these increases in level, it becomes more powerful and a new ability is unlocked.

Agility skills and unlocks

Level Skill name Description
Level 0 Combat Roll A quick, evasive maneuver that helps the Agent avoid damage while on the ground
Level 1 Boosters A short propulsion burst that allows the Agent to double-jump while airborne
Level 2 Air Dash A vectored thrust that enables the Agent to quickly change direction in the air and avoid incoming attacks
Level 3 Agency Launch Pad An experimental piece of Agency tech that propels the agent high in the air and provides a tactical advantage over the enemy
Level 4 Double Dash An enhanced form of Air Dash that lets the Agent change direction twice while airborne to avoid more frequent attacks
Level 5 Triple Jump A maxed-out form of Boosters that gives the Agent an additional propulsion burst to reach new heights and leap greater distances
Level 6 (MAX) Escape Velocity Boosters can now be kept active for a period of time

Firearm skills and unlocks

Level Skill name Description
Level 0 Armed & Dangerous A proficiency with weapons that allows the Agent to pick up and use any firearm.
Level 1 Deadeye An advanced sub-targeting system that enables the Agent to inflict pinpoint damage on nearby enemies
Level 2 Ammo Pack An upgrade to Agent’s inventory system that increases the capacity of firearms ammunition
Level 3 Vortex Cannon A cutting-edge kinetic firearm that launches a blast of energy to hurt targets backward
Level 4 Agency Ammo Field An advanced bit of Agency nano-tech that automatically replenishes ammunition for nearby Agents
Level 5 Graviton Tether An energy-based Agency prototypes that electro-magnetically chains targets together
Level 6 (MAX) Damocles Rounds All firearm ammunition regenerates and deals insane damage and impulse

Strength skills and unlocks

Level Skill name Description
Level 0 Grab A magnetized glove system that lets the Agent pick up objects from a short distance
Level 1 Energy Grip An upgrade to the Agent’s gloves that provides more power to pick up objects from a greater distance
Level 2 Ground Pound An airborne attack that plunges the Agent downward onto enemies below and sends them flying
Level 3 Flying Fist A super-charged melee attack that allows the Agent to speed-rush an enemy and deliver an overpowered punch
Level 4 Resilience An upgrade to the Agent’s suit that improves resistance to effects of Fire, Cold, Electricity and Chimera
Level 5 Graviton Gloves An enhanced form of Energy Grip that allows the Agent to pick up objects at event greater range with increased speed
Level 6 (MAX) Boomfist All unarmed melee attacks detonate an explosion on contact

Explosive skills and unlocks

Level Skill name Description
Level 0 Demolition An aptitude with demolitions that allows the Agent to pick up and use explosive weapons and grenades
Level 1 Bag o'Tricks An upgrade to the Agent’s grenade and gadget storage, increasing ammo capacity and improving recharge rate and/or effect duration
Level 2 Limpet Grenade A powerful grenade type that sticks to targets and can be remote detonated
Level 3 Rocket Rack An expansion pack for the Agent’s inventory system, raising storage capacity for explosive ammunition
Level 4 Big Bag o'Tricks An additional upgrade to the Agent’s grenade and gadget storage, further increasing ammo capacity and improving recharge rate and/or effect duration
Level 5 Singularity Grenade An exotic grenade type that generates a singularity event and draws in nearby matter before exploding
Level 6 (MAX) Apocalypse Explosive ammunition and gadgets regenerate quickly and deal an insane amount of damage and knockback in a wide area

Driving skills and unlocks

Level Skill name Description
Level 0 Vehicle Requesition A standard provision of law enforcement that authorizes the Agent to commandeer certain vehicles for official use
Level 1 Agency Lightning The speed form of the Agency Vehicle, able to zip through traffic, rapidly switch lanes and sideswipe enemies
Level 1 Delivery on Demand A global position system that summons the transforming Agency Vehicle to the Agent’s location
Level 1 Ejector Seat An enhanced safety mechanism that allows the Agent to escape the Agency Vehicle without taking damage
Level 2 Agency Spider The all-terrain form of the Agency Vehicle, capable of jumping and traversing vertical surfaces for a short period of time
Level 3 Self Destruct A remote detonation feature for the Agency Vehicle allow the Agent to trigger detonation from afar
Level 4 Agency Minotaur The combat form of the Agency Vehicle, equipped with reinforced armor and a roof-mounted turret
Level 5 (MAX) Mean Machine An ultimate upgrade for the Agency Vehicle, maxing-out the primary abilities of the Lighting, Spider, and Minotaur forms

Getting each of the skills to max level is going to take a bit of time, though there are ways to level quickly. As you play through the main story, keep switching up how you kill enemies to help even out the leveling experience. Don’t forget to take advantage of all the Agent stat bonuses for an extra little boost in XP. Check out the Shacknews Crackdown 3 guide hub for more coverage of Sumo Digital’s latest title.

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