Zelda: A Link to the Past sequel announced for 3DS

Nintendo finished its Nintendo Direct conference today with the announcement of a new Zelda game, intended as a direct successor to the SNES classic A Link to the Past. Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime said the game is set in the same world as LTTP, and a peak at the gameplay showed a similar setting and overhead perspective. The game, which lacks a title for the moment, is coming to the 3DS this holiday season.

The game is meant to "reinvigorate the flat 2D world" of LTTP, according to Fils-Aime. It will feature new dungeons, with an emphasis on taking advantage of different height levels. Link was shown activating blocks that flung him to higher levels of the dungeon, for example. Link can also become a drawing and move through the walls of the dungeons, for their own puzzle solutions. A video of the game in action will be available on the eShop later today.