Grand Theft Auto 5 announced by Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto V is being made, and a trailer will be released on November 2. That's all that maker Rockstar is willing to announce of the new core entry in its open-world murder simulator series at this point, but with a name bearing such clout, it's certainly enough for now.

Rockstar made the announcement by replacing the main page of its website with a huge GTAV logo. Deprived of our precious press releases, we can't tell you platforms, a release window, game details, or anything beyond what's on that page. However, Rockstar's recent pattern has been to release games on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 first, followed by PC a while later.

Careful analysis of the announcement image suggests that acquiring currency may be a gameplay element in GTAV. One important question is, just how 'grim' and 'gritty' will GTAV be?

Grand Theft Auto IV took the often-whimsical series in a po-faced direction, though the woe was reigned in somewhat with the two Episodes From Liberty City add-ons. Rival murder sim series Saints Row picked up the silly slack, and is certainly amping up the wackiness with Saints Row: The Third.

Voice casting calls rumoured earlier this year to be for GTAV included parts for a "FPS playing gamer son," "somewhat incompetent Chinese mobster," and "weed evangelist." Of course, do take that all with a pinch of salt.

Enough of our speculation, what would you like to see in the new Grand Theft Auto?