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Planetary Annihilation alpha begins June 7

Uber's Planetary Annihilation has outlined its roll-out plans for the year: an Alpha from June through August, Beta from September through November, and a full launch in December.

Mobile review: Outland Games

If you enjoyed Super Monday Night Combat's humor, you'll have good reason to pick up Outland Games. Veterans will be happy to hear the Monday Night Combat announcer, see Bullseye the mascot, and hear some chuckle-inducing one-liners, even if they do become repetitive rather quickly. Casual players will simply enjoy the easy learning curve and the game sessions that last less than five minutes.

Planetary Annihilation cleared for liftoff with $2.2 million

There was never any doubt that Planetary Annihilation would hit its funding goal. The only question was how far over the initial $900,000 it would go. The Kickstarter is complete now, with Uber securing more than $2.23 million in pledges and reaching all of its stretch goals.

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