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Petroglyph concedes defeat in Victory Kickstarter

After a woefully slow start, Petroglyph Games has cancelled its crowdfunding drive for Victory. The studio founded by Westwood veterans was looking for $700,000 to make the free-to-play game it described as what you'd get "if World of Tanks, StarCraft and League of Legends had a baby," but after ten days only had $29,471 in pledges.

Petroglyph teases new WWII game Victory

Petroglyph Games, with its pedigree in RTS games, is teasing a new World War II title called Victory. It has already launched a Twitter feed and Facebook page for the game, and is parsing out trivia about the war revolving around tank warfare.

End of Nations development moved to Trion

Between the indefinite delay of the open beta of MMORTS End of Nations and reported layoffs at developer Petroglyph, publisher Trion Worlds has taken the troubled title under its wing and will continue to develop the game in-house.

Report: End of Nations dev cuts 30 staff

Petroglyph, the developer behind End of Nations, has reportedly laid off approximately 30 employees, just a week after the company announced the game's open beta was delayed indefinitely.

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