Petroglyph RTS Conan Unconquered gameplay revealed by Funcom

Petroglyph is breaking new ground with Conan Unconquered, the first real-time strategy game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian.


Toward the end of 2018, Funcom started a countdown that led to the announcement of a new experience set within the world of Conan. As the numbers reach their end, the live-action cinematic teaser for Conan Unconquered was revealed. Now, Funcom has officially debuted the first look at gameplay for this epic real-time strategy game.

Conan Unconquered is the first-ever RTS set in the world of Conan the Barbarian and its behind helmed by a studio filled with strategy game veterans. Petroglyph Games, the studio behind Conan Unconquered, has crafted a large collection of real-time strategy games, from Star Wars: Empire at Wat to 8-Bit Armies. In the video below, the team breaks down Conan Unconquered and how its "not a traditional real-time strategy game," but a "survival RTS."

In Conan Unconquered, you're going leading an army solo or with a friend as you fight against a wave of enemies that gets progressively more dangerous. The map is different with each playthrough and you'll be exploring to grab from a large pool of resources to build up your army and base. The multiplayer aspect seems unique for an RTS, not giving both players their own armies to manage, but allowing them to collectively build up one. With this in mind, each player can focus on gathering specific resources to work through different development trees so they can build up their army quickly and efficiently.

“The whole team has been working really hard on Conan Unconquered and we cannot wait to finally let the press try it out,” said Petroglyph CEO Chuck Kroegel in the press release for the gameplay reveal.

Conan Unconquered gameplay reveal real time strategy survival

All footage shown in the Conan Unconquered gameplay reveal video is the alpha version of the game, so a lot is still in development and taking shape. Funcom is coming off a major high with the release of Conan Exiles, its fastest-selling game yet. Hopefully, Petroglyph will be able to capitalize off of the heightened awareness of the Conan name and deliver a quality RTS debut for the world. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional gaming and tech updates.

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