Conan Exiles Becomes Funcom's Fastest Selling Game

All it took was some solid crafting and an abundance of sausage for Funcom to have a legitimate hit.


Conan Exiles is one of the surprise hits of 2018. After a shaky launch on Steam Early Access, the development team at Funcom went to work on improving the game for its official release. By the time the game launched back in May, it had been polished up like a fine Acheronian Longsword. The public responded positively, with the game’s playbase rapidly growing to the point where Funcom had to keep adding servers to keep up with the demand. In a press release this morning, it was declared that Conan Exiles is the fastest selling game in Funcom history.

Conan exiles has surpassed the 2008 MMO, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, which sold 1.4 million units by the time it went free-to-play three years after its initial release. Conan Exiles managed to push beyond that amount in less than half the time. To celebrate, Funcom has released a new Accolades trailer.

The game received a favorable review from Shacknews and has been the subject of several of our Twitch streams. Recently, Conan Exiles got its first post-release DLC in the form of the Imperial East Pack. An additional DLC pack, Jewel of the West, is expected to arrive sometime in August.

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