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Among the Sleep scares up alpha demo

Having played Among the Sleep, I can confidently say I'll never choose to be a baby. It is awful. Scary things happen and I don't know why and I can't even reach door handles. I will play one in a video game, though. As the end of its crowdfunding campaign nears, developer Krillbite has released a demo from an early alpha build of the first-person scarer to lure in more backers.

Toddler horror Among the Sleep dreams up Kickstarter

Babies are so stupid. They're tiny little idiots who think the world ends if you cover their eyes and are scared of almost everything. They're rubbish. But imagine you were one of these miniature fools in, fleeing unreal terrors in your onesie. That's unpleasant. Among the Sleep wants to do that to you, if you'll help crowd-fund it.

Among The Sleep reveals childhood horrors

As adults, the idea of babyhood can be terrifying. Among The Sleep is tapping into this, the first gameplay trailer has revealed, as a first-person horror game played from the perspective of a two-year-old who's not quite alone in a spooky house.

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