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Curiosity cube cracked, granting Godus godhood

"What's inside the cube?" Peter Molyneux asked us with Curiosity. Well, we politely tapped a way a bit to try to find out, then got bored and stopped caring. After almost seven months, the final layer of Molyneux's cube has been cleared, granting its surprised winner godhood in Godus. A lucky lad from Scotland will have a say in how the god game works, and even receive a share of sales.

Curiosity update now lets players add back to the cube

The social experiment game Curiosity from developer 22Cans has added another layer of interest to the app. Now, a new update allows players to purchase cubelets to add back to the layers being chipped away, prolonging the previously overriding goal of revealing what was in the center of the cube.

Project Godus Kickstarter ends, hits Linux stretch goal

For much of its crowd-sourcing campaign, it seemed Peter Molyneux and 22cans' Project Godus would fall short of its goal. Things really picked up in the final few days, however, and it wrapped up this afternoon a safe distance past the finish line. Good news, everyone! Peter Molyneux is making another god game.

Peter Molyneux shows off Project Godus multiplayer

For a long time it looked like Peter Molyneux and 22cans' Project Godus would fall well short of its crowd-funding goal, but with two days now left to go, a rush of pledges has brought the god game tantalisingly close. To help nudge it across the line, 22cans has put out a new video showing Molyneux and fellow designer Jack Attridge facing off in the early prototype's multiplayer.

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