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EA trademarks 'SimOcean'

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EA trademarks 'SimOcean'

EA may be trying a whole new kind of Sim game, with a new trademark filed for "SimOcean." Details are scant right now, seeing as we only have a title, but this may be the first hint of a future Sim game. Keep in mind, of course, that a trademark registration doesn't necessarily mean a finished product will come out of it.

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SimCity to use always-on DRM, no mod tools at launch

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SimCity to use always-on DRM, no mod tools at launch

SimCity looks to finally scratch that itch after a long absence -- with some new features to boot -- but the times they are a-changing in some less favorable ways as well. The game will use the contentious always-online DRM method, even during private, single-player games.

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One-on-one with SimCity's 'mayor'

One-on-one with SimCity's 'mayor'

SimCity Lead Producer Kip Katsarelis's Electronic Arts pedigree is full of SimCity: In his 11 years at the publisher, he's worked on SimCity 4, SimCity 4: Rush Hour ("One of the few games I've worked on a played a lot afterward, along with Battlefield 2," Katsarelis says), along with the first two Sims games. His first lead producer gig was for Spore: Galactic Adventures.

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SimCity preview

SimCity preview

The world has changed a great deal since SimCity 4 debuted in 2003. The American Century is over, and the United States is a nation mired in political infighting, recession, and high energy prices. China is one of the world's economic powers. And the way we even think of and construct cities has changed, with a greater emphasis on public transit, open spaces, and green building. And even buildings have changed, with a new generation of mega-skyscrapers towering over cities such as Dubai and Shanghai.

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SimCity's GlassBox engine shown off

SimCity's GlassBox engine shown off

We've heard some impressive details about next year's SimCity, but none of it would actually work without a solid engine under the hood. At Game Developers Conference, EA and Maxis showed off the game's new "GlassBox" simulation engine. Now, you can see a quick recap of EA's presentation in a new video.

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SimCity to support 'play anywhere' online design

SimCity to support 'play anywhere' online design

2013's new SimCity will be the first in the franchise to support online multiplayer. As we described from EA's announcement event: "Decisions you make in your city will affect other players' cities--especially as the virtual world will have to deal with the repercussions of limited natural resources."

Multiplayer is just one aspect of SimCity's online functionality. The game is being "built from the groud up to support online," Maxis' Andrew Willmott said at a GDC panel.

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SimCity system requirements revealed

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SimCity system requirements revealed

The new SimCity was confirmed last night at an EA press event, for release on PC in 2013. Already available for pre-order on Origin, EA's distribution platform has confirmed the necessary system specs for the game.

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SimCity designed to support mods

SimCity designed to support mods

The new SimCity, due for 2013 on PC and Mac, is powered by a new proprietary engine called GlassBox. It is described as "a new data-driven simulation engine" that is Maxis' "bet for the future." At a panel during Game Developers Conference, the studio detailed how GlassBox will power the upcoming SimCity "reboot" and promised that the modding community will be able to get their hands on their powerful new tools.

"We're huge fans of our modding community," creative director Ocean Quigley told the audience. "We've designed all this stuff to be moddable."

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SimCity confirmed for PC in 2013

SimCity confirmed for PC in 2013

"Sim City is back."

Well, that was a pretty fast reveal. At EA's "Game Changers" event at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, EA confirmed rumors that a new SimCity will be coming to PC and Mac. And yes, it will be coming in 2013.

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SimCity 5 rumored for 2013

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SimCity 5 rumored for 2013

SimCity 5 has supposedly been leaked by a German magazine. According to the rumor, Maxis is developing the game without series creator Will Wright leading the project. The game is scheduled for 2013, and will feature a spiffy new graphics engine and multiplayer mode among its various tweaks to the classic formula.

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