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SimCity Series Videos


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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow intro trailer

SimCity expands with Cities of Tomorrow as an entirely new ecosystem awaits for you to play with.

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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow launch trailer

The Cities of Tomorrow await you as the future of the world depends on your technical urban planning skill in SimCity.

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Simcity Cities of Tomorrow developer gameplay trailer

What does the future hold for urban and suburban architectural design? This, if Simcity and the Cities of Tomorrow is to be believed.

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Simcity Cities of Tomorrow teaser trailer

This is your city. This is your city....tomorrow! Any questions? Good. Now watch the Cities of Tomorrow teaser for Simcity.

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SimCity Amusement Park developer diary

Explore the brand new Amusement Park downloadable content pack for SimCity, adding a ton of fun for players everywhere.

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Simcity Roads tutorial trailer

Connect your civilization with freeways and expressways in the new Simcity.

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Simcity Limited Edition Heroes and Villains trailer

Fight organized crime with a super unit of your very own in the Heroes and Villains pack coming with the Simcity Limited Edition.

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Simcity landmarks trailer

Take a short aerial tour of Simcity featuring three new landmarks for you to take in and enjoy.

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SimCity Introduction trailer

Maxis takes you inside the first minute of SimCity with a short introduction trailer.

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SimCity Casino City gameplay strategy developer diary

Lead Designer Stone Librande discusses advanced strategies with a new Casino City strategy developer diary for SimCity.

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SimCity Ocean's developer diary

Ocean Quigley takes you on a tour of the new SimCity with his very own developer diary.

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SimCity strategy session 1 developer diary

Join Maxis for the first strategy session for SimCity.

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SimCity Social Less Ville More City trailer

SimCity Social enters open beta on Facebook and shows off some gameplay footage in the Less Ville More City trailer.

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SimCity E3 2012 gameplay trailer

Create your own world and manage the city of your dreams in SimCity.

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SimCity GlassBox engine insider's look part 4 developer diary

Gameplay Lead Dan Moskowitz is back for the fourth insider's look at the SimCity GlassBox engine in this developer diary.