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SimCity BuildIt becomes the most-played game in SimCity history

By Daniel Perez, Jun 08, 2015 1:35pm PDT

There have been a lot of SimCity games, but SimCity BuildIt has become the most-played game out of the entire series.


"Basically this. I found it fun at first to play on the subway and such (someone up above ..."

- MilkDud see all 18 comments

EA closes SimCity and The Sims studio, Maxis Emeryville

By Daniel Perez, Mar 04, 2015 12:51pm PST

After nearly 30 years of game development, EA has closed the doors on Maxis Emeryville.


"I think that last part goes without saying... Considering a ton of them left after the game ..."

- yehmuthah see all 9 comments
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SimCity Cities of Tomorrow intro trailer

SimCity expands with Cities of Tomorrow as an entirely new ecosystem awaits for you to play with.

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