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Cartoonist Kayfabe - Jim Rugg & Ed Piskor

Cartoonist Kayfabe - Jim Rugg & Ed Piskor

"Darker Image # 1! Sam Kieth/The Maxx, Rob Liefeld/Blodwulf, Jim Lee/Deathblow!" - - "X-Men: Days of Future Past! The Coda of the Legendary Byrne/Claremont Run!" - - OMGOMGOMG "Ghost in the Shell - The Cyberpunk Bible by Masamune Shirow" - - "Scott McCloud's DESTROY! One Gargantuan Fight Scene Fills Up This Giant Comic!" - - Oh nice! "Moebius and Dan O'Bannon Invent The Cyberpunk Genre In Less Than 20 Comic Pages! The Long Tomorrow" - - MARVELS by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross! Often Imitated. Never Duplicated! - - Superman VS Muhammad Ali! Neal Adams Brings The Ruckus! - - Double up!! Hit one: Steve Rude's Sketchbook - How to Make Better Comics! - - Hit two: Katsuhiro Otomo! A Secret Tip To Get More English Translated Comics From The Famed Akira Creator. - - Batman Black and White - A Good Comics Experiment from the 1990s - - MANGA: Year One - Mai, Kamui, Area 88 - - The Complete Far Side, by Gary Larson! 15 Years of Precise Work That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud. - - Moebius + Jodorowsky INCAL 1 - Epic Sci-Fi - - Doom Force - Grant Morrison Cutting Promos on Liefeld and Image Comics - - Outlaw Manga - Fist of the North Star - - Preacher Issue 1, Ennis and Dillon’s Outlaw Invasion of the Mainstream - - PREACHER: Until The End Of The World! Atrocities Abound and We’re Keeping Score. - - Mage 1 by Matt Wagner - - Elektra: Assassin - 80s Super Ninja Love + Violence by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz - - Unboxing a 60lb Blindbox of Comix - - Weird Comics! Frank, A Psychedelic Trip Thru Jim Woodring's Brain - - Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot! Geof Darrow Eye-Candy in Every Square Inch of Artwork! - - Omac Issue 1 by Jack Kirby Resonates Powerfully in a 2021 World! - - Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai! - - Barry Windsor Smith's MONSTERS, 35 yrs In The Making! A Comic Too Good for Marvel or DC. (Spoilers!) - - Kung Fu Comics - Jademan and Tony Wong present Hong Kong's finest Fight Comics - - Jupiter's Legacy - BIG Superheroes by Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, and Netflix - - Classic Shonen Jump from the early 80s! Fist of the Northstar, Kinnikuman, Dr. Slump, Cobra and more - - X Men and Teen Titans v Darkseid and Dark Phoenix by Claremont and Simonson - - Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Artist Edition! 100+ Pages of Al Williamson Ink Slinging! - - Groo the Wanderer 1 by Mad cartoonist Sergio Aragonés - - All Star Superman - Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely Make A Great Superhero Comic! - - Elektra's Origin in Linear Order via Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's Elektra Assassin. - - The 'NAM! Issue 1 of an 8 year, 84 issue, limited series! Michael Golden at his Finest. - - Art of Jack Kirby! A Vibrantly Visual, Career-Spanning Monograph Made With Love! - - Highly Controversial! Our Assessment of Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Mill and Lynn Varley! - - Ninja Zombies! - Frank Miller and Lynn Varley's Elektra Lives Again - - Paul Pope's OMAC homage - SOLO 3 - - Michael Golden's Micronauts 1: Cartoonist Kayfabe DIVIDED! - - Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely Do Watchmen - Pax Americana (Director's Cut with Quitely's pencils) - - The Original ALL STAR SUPERMAN! Issue 400. Miller, Kirby, Ditko, Eisner, Bolland, Chaykin, Steranko! - - The REAL ALL STAR BATMAN! Issue 400 with Bolland, Kubert, Art Adams, Wrightson and more - - Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Darwyn Cooke: DC Comics NEW FRONTIER - Golden/Silver/Space Age - - Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, Recreating the Crime Genre in American Comics. - - F*ck Batman and Daredevil. David Mazzucchelli's Masterpiece Is Asterios Polyp - - Art Spiegelman's MAUS - Pulitzer Prize Winning graphic novel about the Holocaust - - The Geof Darrow Shoot Interview! - Cartoonist Kayfabe Talkin' Sh00t vol. 2, Debriefing Geof Darrow with Jim Mahfood! - - The Rick Veitch Shoot Interview! - - The FRANK QUITELY Shoot Interview! - - The Klaus Janson Shoot Interview - How to Make Frank Miller and John Romita Jr Look Good! - - Frank Miller's Ronin Gallery Edition! Hundreds of Pages of Original Art and Process! - - Bernie Wrightson, The Master of Horror, Artifact Edition. Super Inspiring Visuals! - - Before Ghost in the Shell - Masamune Shirow's APPLESEED Wowed Us w/ Cutting-edge Sci-Fi - - Bane Breaks Batman's Back! DC Hotshots Knightfall! The 90s Comics Collapse Commences! - - Vaughn Bodē's Cheech Wizard - Graffiti, Underground, National Lampoons, Heavy Metal, and Lettering! - - Genius, Illustrated - Alex TOTH at Top of His Game! Original art, Batman, Hot Wheels, Space Ghost! - - Lead Poisioning! Geof Darrow's Pencils Will Humble the Heck Out Of You! Bonus Treat at the End. - - The Peter Chung Shoot Interview - AEON FLUX's creator talks ideas, communication, animation, comics - - Sergio Aragones Shoot Interview! Mad Magazine! Groo! Jodorowsky?! We Cover It ALL! - - The MAXX! Sam Kieth's Unconventional Breakout Masterpiece! - - Frank Miller's Favorite Comic - Kazuo Koike's and Goseki Kojima's Lone Wolf and Cub - - Is Dale Keown's PITT More Than Just a NOSELESS Incredible HULK? Find Out! - - Plastic Man 1 - Kyle Baker, Writer/Penciler/Inker/Colorist/Letterer - - David Choe presents: Marvel Comics' Best, Most Hardcore, Violent, Outlaw Slobberknocker Fight Scene! - - Richard Corben's Hulk! BANNER! [Corben/Azzarello!] - - Katsuhiro Otomo's KABA! The Long OUT OF PRINT Art Book from the FAMED Creator of AKIRA! - - ED BRUBAKER Shoot Interview! - - GEOF DARROW in conversation...Talking Shaolin Cowboy Influences and Inspirations. Don't Miss It! - - Celebrating MOEBIUS with Guest Host GEOF DARROW! The LONG TOMORROW, the Birth of CYBERPUNK - - You've never seen a comic that looks like this! TRENCHER! Keith Giffen! Lobo! 1993! Image Comics! - - FRANK QUITELY Joins us to Explore AKIRA Vol. 5 by Katsuhiro Otomo! EPIC CONVERSATION! - - Aliens ORIGIN Comic Book 1st Collectors Item Issue! Best Duoshade EVER! 1988! - -

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