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Cartoonist Kayfabe - Archival 003

Cartoonist Kayfabe - Archival 003

Weird Comics! Frank, A Psychedelic Trip Thru Jim Woodring's Brain - - Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot! Geof Darrow Eye-Candy in Every Square Inch of Artwork! - - Omac Issue 1 by Jack Kirby Resonates Powerfully in a 2021 World! - - Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai! - - Barry Windsor Smith's MONSTERS, 35 yrs In The Making! A Comic Too Good for Marvel or DC. (Spoilers!) - - Kung Fu Comics - Jademan and Tony Wong present Hong Kong's finest Fight Comics - - Jupiter's Legacy - BIG Superheroes by Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, and Netflix - - Classic Shonen Jump from the early 80s! Fist of the Northstar, Kinnikuman, Dr. Slump, Cobra and more - - X Men and Teen Titans v Darkseid and Dark Phoenix by Claremont and Simonson - - Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Artist Edition! 100+ Pages of Al Williamson Ink Slinging!


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