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Cartoonist Kayfabe - Archival 006

Cartoonist Kayfabe - Archival 006

The Klaus Janson Shoot Interview - How to Make Frank Miller and John Romita Jr Look Good! - - Frank Miller's Ronin Gallery Edition! Hundreds of Pages of Original Art and Process! - - Bernie Wrightson, The Master of Horror, Artifact Edition. Super Inspiring Visuals! - - Before Ghost in the Shell - Masamune Shirow's APPLESEED Wowed Us w/ Cutting-edge Sci-Fi - - Bane Breaks Batman's Back! DC Hotshots Knightfall! The 90s Comics Collapse Commences! - - Vaughn Bodē's Cheech Wizard - Graffiti, Underground, National Lampoons, Heavy Metal, and Lettering! - - Genius, Illustrated - Alex TOTH at Top of His Game! Original art, Batman, Hot Wheels, Space Ghost! - - Lead Poisioning! Geof Darrow's Pencils Will Humble the Heck Out Of You! Bonus Treat at the End. - - The Peter Chung Shoot Interview - AEON FLUX's creator talks ideas, communication, animation, comics - - Sergio Aragones Shoot Interview! Mad Magazine! Groo! Jodorowsky?! We Cover It ALL!


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