Where was the Sony Rolly dancing robot MP3 player at CES 2021?

Where was the Sony Rolly dancing robot MP3 player at CES 2021?

Sure, Shacknews is covering actual CES 2021 news like a bunch of punks. But we have questions about Sony Rolly, and we want them answered immediately.


CES 2021 continues today with some more product reveals and talks, but we are already left wondering about one of the most innovative products ever created. Sony Rolly. Is it just us, or do you wonder what ever happened to this rolling robot MP3 player? Sony has been very cagey about the product ever since they unveiled the iPod killer back in 2009. 

Sony Rolly dancing robot MP3 player.

We have seen a decent amount of robots at CES 2021, including Samsung's Handy jerkoff bot, but none of them have sparked joy in our hearts like Rolly. Just take a look at Rolly in action.

That's the stuff. Hit us again with another sweet Rolly video.

Those flaps don't lie. Hit us one more time, DJ YouTube.


We reached out to Sony PR about Rolly's notable absence from CES for the past decade, and they actually got back to us!

"Look, Rolly sold like shit. We make PlayStation here, and can't be bothered to make some stupid dancing robots anymore. We are trying to make money, and robot MP3 players are just not a growth market anymore. We aren't even sure if they ever were, in fact it was a horrible idea and we fired the entire team behind it. Also, get out of my office!" 

Seems like fans of robot MP3 players will have to pound sand this year at CES 2021, but there's always next year right? Surely, the COVID-19 pandemic will be over by then, and things will be back to normal. Right? Vegas, Baby!

- posted by Nobuhiko Oguchi

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