Cobra Kai Season 3: 10 Burning Questions

Cobra Kai Season 3: 10 Burning Questions

Cobra Kai Season 3 dropped on Netflix last week, and it has us asking a lot of questions. Check out this mega feature.


Cobra Kai Season 3 landed on Netflix on New Year's Day, and we have been watching it on loop since its release. This show is better than any other show ever created, but this isn't a review. We are left asking a lot of questions following the Season 3 finale, and we want them answered immediately.



Here's our 10 burning questions that we were left asking after watching Season 3 of Cobra Kai:

(in no particular order)

Did Daniel cheat on his wife in Okinawa?

Daniel spent a few episodes in Japan during Season 3. While there are some really cool loose ends tied up in Okinawa, we couldn't help but wonder if Daniel-san was boning some of these ladies from his past. 

Look, Kumiko isn't the same babe she was in Karate Kid 2, but did you see the way these two were giving each other eyes the whole time? Kumiko even mentioned how she never got married because no one had ever fought to the death for her like Daniel did.

We are pretty sure they boned right after that scene where she read Miyagi love letters to Daniel. Also, we never saw Daniel check in to a hotel. Was he sleeping at Kumiko's house? We wouldn't blame him.

There's also this whole scene with Yuna. Do you think she really would just save Daniel's car dealership without washing and waxing dat ass? Her and Yumiko probably pegged ole Danny boy before he flew back to California.

Does Miguel's penis still work?

Miguel's peen is probably broken.

Let's be real here. Miguel Diaz suffered a traumatic back injury. The doctors weren't sure he would ever be able to walk again, and even though he has defied the odds with the help of Dee Snyder, we are left wondering if his donger is broken.

The world may never know.

Who cut Robby's hair?

Robby had gorgeous flowing locks before the terrible events of the Season 2 finale. It totally made sense for Robby to try to change his appearance as he was on the lamb, but who the hell cut his hair? They butchered it. We may never know who cut Robby's hair, but it is one question that we can't stop thinking about.


RIP Robby's hair.


How did Robby steal that snake?

The son of a gun did it!

Robby has zero fucks to give. We're gonna guess he just grabbed that shit with his bare hands. He is basically a nihilist now, right?

Why did the dealership rehire Daniel's cousin Louie LaRusso Jr. ?

Louie LaRusso, Jr.

After everything that Louie did, we were surprised to see him back at LaRusso Auto Group. Daniel mentions that Louie was one of the first people to come to the family's aid when Sam was attacked at school, but he did order a hit with a motorcycle gang... Let's just say we still have our eyes on this guy, but he is pretty hilarious at times.

Did Yasmine and Demetri bone?

Let's go Demetri!

One of the biggest wins of Season 3 was Demetri and Yasmine's newfound love, but we have to make it weird. Anyone else get the feeling that these two did more than just kiss in the hallway? Aww yeah! Get some Demetri!

Is it creepy to have a crush on characters under the age of 18 on the show?

Let's get weird!

Shantynews prides ourselves on asking the tough questions that garbage outlets like IGN or Polygon are afraid to address. This season of Cobra Kai got us wondering about some of these actors and actresses on the show. Like, Tory may be crazy and all, but she is also sort of hot right? Even though a lot of these characters are under the age of 18 in the show, we had to research the actual actors' ages to figure out how ashamed we should be for our carnal desires.

Here's a breakdown of all of the ages of younger actors on Cobra Kai:

  • Peyton List (Tory Nichols) - 22 
  • Mary Mouser (Samantha LaRusso) - 24
  • Annalisa Cochrane (Yasmine) -24
  • Hannah Kepple (Moon) - 20
  • Gianni DeCenzo (Demetri) - 19
  • Xolo Mariduena (Miguel) - 19
  • Tanner Buchanan (Robby) - 22
  • Jacob Bertrand (Hawk) - 20

So there you have it. At the time that this article was posted, all of these actors were of legal age. BUT! Some of the male actors were under the age of 18 during the first season of the show. That being said, you should be fine to fantasize about most of the actresses on the show.


We call it the Kelly Kapowki Principle. Sure Tiffani Amber Thiessen was playing a character under the age of 18, but she was undeniably fine.

Now this doesn't change the fact that you are probably way too old to have a shot with any of these hot, up-and-coming actors/actresses. So back off, buddy. 

Is Peyton List (the actress who plays Tory) single? 🥺👉👈

Number One Cobra Kai Waifu!

At the time this article was published, it appears that Peyton List is single! Do you think we have a chance? She is super cool, and is a foster mom for a bunch of doggies. If you are out there, Peyton, hit us up. 🥺👉👈

Do you think we have a chance with Elizabeth Shue? 


Randy cougar Elizabeth Shue might be the best backup plan to marrying Peyton List that we have ever come up with. She seemed like she was super DTF on that season 3 finale, but Elizabeth is still super charming. We can only hope she will get a recurring role on the show now that the producers have Netflix money. 

Did Mister Miyagi kill a man?

In Cobra Kai Season 3, we were made aware of the secret Miyagi-do pressure point attacks that were meant to disable enemies in battle. During the Okinawa episodes, Daniel studied with Chozen Toguchi to learn the last bits of Mister Miyagi's teachings.

The Karate Kid franchise has always focused on the self-defense aspect of the martial art, but this was the first time that we really had to wonder... Did Mister Miyagi kill a man? We may never know...

Well that wraps up our 10 burning questions about Cobra Kai. We can't wait for Season 4.

No spoilers!

What questions were you left asking after completing Season 3? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below.

But. don't be a dick if you reply to this thread. Be sure to use spoiler tags. This is Cobra Kai we are talking about, not some bullshit like Star Wars. This is serious business and we will fuck you up if you spoil this show for any other Shackers.

- posted by Terry Silver

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