Shantynews Game of the Year 2020 - Rocket League

Shantynews Game of the Year 2020 - Rocket League

Hey there Shacknews, nice game of the year you picked, but what if we told you the real GOTY 2020?


Ozzie and Briefcase Man announced the Shacknews Game of the Year 2020 last night, and both the Chatty and the editorial team chose Half-Life: Alyx.

What they didn't realize was that we had a much cooler GOTY 2020 vote when compared to Ozzie's dumb Google Form.

Here's your Shantynews Top 71 Games of the Year 2020

  1. Wreckfest
  2. Shackmessaging Virus
  3. Life is Strange
  4. Ms. PAC-MAN
  5. Lola Posts
  6. Duke3D.exe
  7. Hades
  8. Shacknews Cortex
  9. Sudoku
  10. Star Fox 64
  11. PaRappa The Rapper
  12. Sex
  13. Among Us
  14. The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past
  15. Final Fantasy
  16. Final Fantasy 4
  17. Final Fantasy 6
  18. Blaseball
  19. Hide and Seek
  20. Commander Keen
  21. Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside
  22. Dominons 5
  23. Dungeons and Dragons 5E
  24. Peggle
  25. RIP wtf242
  26. Dark Souls 3
  27. Dark Souls
  28. Dark Souls 2
  29. Duke Nukem 2
  30. Mystery Case Files - Escape from Ravenhearst
  31. Quake
  32. Pocket Pool
  33. Forager
  34. Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
  35. Mass Effect 2
  36. Slay The Spire
  37. Civ 6
  38. Beer Fridge Tetris
  39. Politics
  40. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
  41. Wolfenstein 3D
  42. F-Zero X
  43. Plus Plus
  44. Dead Cells
  45. Commander Keen
  46. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
  47. Guessing the Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date
  48. LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens
  49. Chinese Food
  50. Crusader Kings 3
  51. Xenogears
  52. Guilty Gear X2
  53. Monster Train
  54. Half-Life: Alyx
  55. Pajama Sam 2: Thunder And Lightning Aren't So Frightening
  56. Stardew Valley
  57. Dylan
  58. Pajama Sam 4: Life Is Rough When You Lose Your Stuff!
  59. DooM
  60. Pajama Sam's Lost & Found
  61. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  62. Total Overdose
  63. Peggle Nights
  64. Dodge the Covid
  65. NHL Breakaway '99
  66. What Spider is That? - Featuring Sam Chandler
  67. NHL 94 Rewind
  68. Undertale
  69. No One Can Stop Mr. Domino
  70. Minecraft
  71. The one you just lost

Scratch that, you guys with your old balls picked some wack ass shit. 


The real Shantynews GOTY 2020 is Rocket League. Sure, no one actually voted for it, but your list was bad and you should feel bad. Next time we give you the opportunity to create a game of the year list with no rules, maybe actually be more imaginative. We are also disappointed in the overwhelming lack of voter fraud and ballot stuffing. You used to be cool, Shacknews. Actually, scratch that too. You were never cool.

Ozzie seen here not giving a fuck about your feelings.
Ozzie seen here not giving a fuck about your feelings.

Don't like it? Go cry to Ozzie, since you all loved his poll so fucking much. Anyway, congratulations to Psyonix Studios for their huge W today. Rocket League is your Shantynews Game of the Year 2020, and there is nothing that the punk ass Shacknews Staff or you Shackers can do to stop us.

- posted by Ichiban Buffy-Sugo Stan 

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