Vote for the Shantynews GOTY 2020

Vote for the Shantynews GOTY 2020

We're doing our own Game of the Year vote, with Blackjack and hookers!


The Shacknews Staff is streaming for their GOTY 2020 deliberations right, which is cool and all, but do you know what sucks? Rules. What if we just do our own GOTY vote? With Blackjack and hookers! No rules. Any game. You wanna vote for Duke3d.exe? Go for it!

Thanks to sHugamom for shack messaging us a suggestion for our new unofficial theme song!

Use this form below to vote for the Shantynews GOTY 2020.

We will announce our GOTY winner later this year. Probably after Ozzie's dumb list is published.

- posted by Dr. Proton

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