Entitled white male streamer stunned by Twitch Rivals holding him accountable for cheating

Entitled white male streamer stunned by Twitch Rivals holding him accountable for cheating

Several high-profile streamers have been wrapped up in a GlitchCon cheating scheme. They were all shocked to be held accountable.


GlitchCon was held over this past weekend online, as TwitchCon's physical event had been canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The online circle jerk that ensued included a Twitch Rivals video game competition for the popular game Fall Guys. Noted douchenozzle and Hitler's wet dream Félix “xQc” Lengyel was caught stream sniping by Twitch and has been suspended for six months from Twitch Rivals. This suspension comes a little over two months after xQc tweeted out this gem of knowledge.

Oh the irony. It's delicious. I wish we could bottle this and sell it. 

xQc really didn't think anyone would catch him as he is a typical white, entitled male prick with a Twitch and social media following. This isn't the first time he has been suspended from Twitch either, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him back on Twitch Rivals after his suspension is up. You know, because Twitch's boys club frat mentality almost encourages shit like this. Any good online community would have moderation escalate with each infraction, but Twitch likes money, okay?

If it makes you feel any better, his cheating didn't affect the outcome, according to himself. But the damage even extended to members of his team who sat by while he cheated. Even GrandPooBear got wrapped into this mess.

It is shocking to see a white male streamer be held accountable in 2020, but I guess anything is possible. Fall Guys is pretty much a trash game anyway, so it is pretty hilarious to see these dudebros get so wrapped up in it that they would have to cheat. I guess they are "insecure trash persons" to quote xQc. But the real moral of the story is that xQC was already an insecure trash person before he got caught, as he had been served several bans in Overwatch League as well as on Twitch.

xQc's most recent ban before this one came on June 12, 2020 when Twitch banned him for 24 hours for watching two gorillas fucking live on stream. GG, Felix.

We reached out to xQc for comment:

Just how tiny does your dick have to be to cheat at Fall Guys? Well that is probably fit for a Shantynews feature article down the line. I mean, seriously. Imagine caring enough about a shit game like Fall Guys to cheat. Imagine thinking you could stream snipe your opponents while streaming and not get caught. Imagine a world where these cucks didn't have the following to get away with this shit without mere slaps on the wrist from Twitch. Imagine if these guys actually lost sponsorships from this behavior. Just imagine.

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