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Batman: Arkham Knight - Campaign for Disarmament Bomb Locations - Deathstroke Boss Fight

Disarm all twenty-one bombs scattered throughout Gotham City, then take on Deathstroke.


During the third chapter while searching for the Arkham Knight, you’ll be required to disarm a large bomb that has been placed within the ground. This will introduce you to the method you’ll need to use to disarm the twenty one other bombs that have been placed throughout all of Gotham.

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Whenever you come close to a bomb, it will appear on your mini-map, along with a threat level indication. We highly suggest upgrading the Batmobile and it’s various weapon systems in order to make sure you’re ready for the wave of enemies coming with each bomb.

Once you’ve found the bomb you’ll need to:

  • Upload the virus using the Power Winch – do not leave the area during the upload
  • Defend the area using the Batmobile’s special Battle Mode
  • Use the Power Winch while revving up the engine to detonate the bomb using a controlled explosion.

Bomb Locations and Threat Levels

  • Bleake Island – Cauldron, train yard – Minimal Threat
  • Miagani Island – Bristol, north of Botanical Gardens - Minimal Threat
  • Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights, Urbarail Station - Low Threat
  • Miagani Island – North of Grand Avenue Station - Low Threat
  • Miagani Island – Miagani Botanical Gardens - Low Threat
  • Founders’ Island – Otisburg - Normal Threat
  • Miagani Island – Kingston at base of parking garage - Normal Threat
  • Bleake Island – Chinatown, north side of traffic circle - High Threat
  • Founders’ Island – Drescher, near Perdition Bridge - High Threat
  • Miagani Island – Kingston, next to Bank of Gotham - High Threat
  • Bleake Island – Cauldron, next to Sionis Industries - Maximum Threat
  • Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights - Maximum Threat
  • Bleake Island – Cauldron, southwest of Panessa Studios - Maximum Threat
  • Founders’ Island – Port Adams, just inside Entrance - Maximum Threat

Confront Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

Confrontation Area: Miagani Island – Grand Avenue
Boss Fight Requirements: Complete Campaign for Disarmament, Occupy Gotham, and Own the Roads

Once you’ve completed the Campaign for Disarmament, Occupy Gotham, and Own the Roads side missions, you’ll be able to confront Deathstroke, the Arkham Knight’s second-hand man. We suggest waiting until you’ve reached a higher level before taking on this boss, as it is a very challenging fight.

During this fight you’ll have to take on several of the Cobra Drones. To take this enemies down, drive behind them, and wait for your Heavy Cannons to shoot them in the exhaust port and destroy them. Once they are out of the way it’s time to take on Deathstroke’s tank.

Make sure to keep a distance when fighting Deathstroke, and hit him with as much gunfire as you can. His tank is armed with Guided Missiles, a devastating Energy Shot, and several Rockets.

We suggest using your Vulcan Gun to shoot down any missiles, and then strafe side to side to avoid the other gunfire.

Once you’ve taken down Deathstroke’s tank, apprehend him, and drive him back to GCPD to place in lockup.

Congratulations, you’re now one step closer to completing Knightfall and the game.

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