Batman: Arkham Knight - Own the Roads Militia Checkpoints Locations and Strategies

Take down all twenty of the militia checkpoints set up around Gotham City.


Once you start up Chapter 7 of the game Batman will be informed of several militia checkpoints that have been erected across the three islands of Gotham. Unlike the Watchtowers featured in the game, these checkpoints will usually be located on land, surrounded by several armed soldiers, as well as turrets, drones, and other threats to the Caped Crusader.

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There are a total of twenty militia checkpoints scattered across Gotham, and destroying each of them will reward you with one WayneTech upgrade point. Once you’ve disposed of all the soldiers and other threats at each checkpoint you’ll need to use your Detective vision to locate the commander’s body, and then destroy the checkpoint controller.

Checkpoint 1
Location: Bleake Island – Chinatown, south of Scarecrow’s safe house

This first checkpoint consists of three Sentry Guns. First you’ll need to use the Hacking Device to blind the Sentry on the outer edge, and then use your Smoke Pellet to destroy the centermost turret. Once the centermost turret is destroyed, simply take the remaining turrets out, then perform a Takedown on the commander and destroy his checkpoint controller.

Checkpoint 2
Location: Bleake Island – Chinatown, next to Perdition Bridge

First dispose of the soldiers and the brute at this checkpoint. Once they are taken care of, use your Remote Hacking Device to turn the security access panel off, and enter the newly opened area on the right side of the building. Now perform a Ledge Takedown on the remaining guard, and move on to the commander inside. Take out the commander’s controller to finish the checkpoint off.

Checkpoint 3
Location: Bleake Island – Chinatown, next to Tattoo Parlor

Located on the northern side of the Clock Tower, this checkpoint is protected by 2 Sentry Turrets along the northern wall. First use the Batmobile to destroy the turrets, and then move inside to take down the sixteen or so thugs inside. Be careful of the medics, brusts, and combat experts included in this checkpoint. Once they are down, destroy the controller and move on.

Checkpoint 4
Location: Bleake Island – Chinatown, northeast of hospital

This checkpoint shouldn’t be hard to take down. Weakly guarded by a single Brute and 4 unarmed criminals, simply drop down and take the enemies out however you choose. Once the area is clear, find the controller for the checkpoint and destroy it.

Checkpoint 5
Location: Miagani Island – Kingston, west of Mercy Bridge

Seven unarmed thugs and a single Brute protect this next checkpoint. First you’ll want to thin out the ranks using your Fear Multi-Takedown, then finish off the others and the commander. Finally, destroy the checkpoint controller to finish up and move on to the next area.

Checkpoint 6
Location: Miagani Island – Kingston, Ranelagh Ferry Terminal

The next checkpoint is highly protected by five armed soldiers, and a pair of Checkpoint Drones. The first thing you’ll need to do is use the Heavy Cannon on the Batmobile to destroy the Drones, then use the built in Riot Suppressor to deal with the soldiers guarding the commander. There are also enemies hiding in the crates inside. Once the checkpoint is clear, use your Detective vision to find the commander and destroy the controller.

Checkpoint 7
Location: Miagani Island – Bristol, Elliot Memorial Hospital

Use a Fear Multi-takedown or Silent Takedown to start disposing of the eight unarmed soldiers and Brutes that guard this checkpoint. Once you’ve cleared them all out, dispose of the commander and then destroy the controller.

Checkpoint 8
Location: Miagani Island – Bristol, Urbarail Station

Enter the area from the northeaster or southwestern edge using the Batmobile. Watch out for the Shock Mines expertly placed around the area, and take out any soldiers who get in your way. Once the guards are down, focus your attention on the commander and finish things up by destroying the controller.

Checkpoint 9
Location: Miagani Island – Bristol, Botanical Gardens

Guarded by eight armed thugs and two Checkpoint Drones, this checkpoint might be tough for lower level players. First use the Batmobile’s Heavy Cannon to take out the weapons, then grapple up the higher area to take on the soldiers using a Fear Multi-Takedown, or other fighting methods. Once the guards are down, take out the commander and destroy his controller.

Checkpoint 10
Location: Miagani Island – Kingston, Grand Avenue intersection

This checkpoint is heavily guarded by five soldiers and two medics. First take out the medics to reduce enemy revives, and then dispose of the remaining soldiers and destroy the commander’s controller to shut the checkpoint down.

Checkpoint 11
Location: Miagani Island – Bristol, west of south bridge

Six armed soldiers and a Boa Sentry Drone Operator are tasked with protecting this next checkpoint. The easiest way to deal with these enemies is to move to the southern side of the area, and use Silent Takedowns on the two lone guards. Now move to the western area and take out the four patrolling this area using your upgraded Fear Multi-Takedown.

Checkpoint 12
Location: Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights, base of City Vision Construction building

Head on over to the northern side of this area and use your grapple to reach the far left side of the wall. There is a security access panel here that you should use to disable the Checkpoint Drone. Once it is disabled it’s time to use your Riot Supressor on the Batmobile to deal with the five-armed thugs guarding the area. Now destroy the commander’s controller to shut the checkpoint down for good.

Checkpoint 13
Location: Founders’ Island – Drescher, east of City Vision Construction

Use your Glide Kick on the soldier outside this checkpoint, then slowly make your way inside. Be careful, as there are four soldiers and four Combat Experts guarding the inner area. Watch out for the Stun Sticks, and use Batman’s Remote Electrical Charge to take them out. Once all the soldiers are down, find the commander and destroy the controller.

Checkpoint 14
Location: Founders’ Founders’ Island – Drescher

Use the Power Winch to destroy the weak wall on the northwestern side of the checkpoint. Now take out the Sentry Turrets inside, and dispose of the soldiers in the inside section. Once everyone is down, find the commander and destroy the controller.

Checkpoint 15
Location: Founders’ Island – Drescher, southeast of Perdition Bridge
Take out the seven soldiers, two Brutes, and two armed soldiers inside. We suggest dealing with the armed soldiers first, but once they are down, move on to the Brutes, and then to the unarmed thugs. Once everyone is knocked out, find the controller and destroy it.

Checkpoint 16
Location: Founders’ Island – Ryker Heights, south of Wayne International Plaza

There are six Checkpoint Drones and several armed soldiers guarding this checkpoint. In order to make things easier, drive the Batmobile into the northern power, then grapple on the power cable above. Now use your Remote Hacking Device to toggle the switch to open up an area for the Batmobile, then switch over and use the Heavy Cannon to destroy the Checkpoint Drones. Now dispose of the thugs and destroy the commander’s checkpoint controller.

Checkpoint 17
Location: Founders’ Island – Otisburg, northeast at T-intersection

First take out the three turrets guarding the northern wall. Once they are down it’s time to use your Fear Multi-Takedown to even the odds, and deal with the five armed guards along the northern side of the area. Once the guards and turrets are disposed of, destroy the commander’s controller and  finish up this checkpoint.

Checkpoint 18
Location: Founders’ Island – Otisburg, next to Amertek building

There are nine soldiers and a single Brute guarding this next checkpoint. First use your Fear Multi-Takedown to thin out the enemy ranks, then dispose of any remaining soldiers before taking on the commander. Once the commander is down, destroy the controller and then leave the area.

Checkpoint 19
Location: Founders’ Island – Otisburg, south of Penitence Bridge

This next checkpoint might be tricky. There are several armed guards surrounding it, as well as several enemies armed with Stun Sticks. Take out the guards, being wary of the Stun sticks, and then move on to the commander. Finally, destroy the commander’s controller to shut the checkpoint down for good.

Checkpoint 20
Location: Bleake Island – Chinatown, southwest of the Clock Tower

To take out this final checkpoint you’ll need to head across the water, and take out the cannons and soldiers waiting on the other side. Once you’ve dealt with the majority of them, take out the remaining stragglers, then move on the to commanders and destroy  the last controller.

Once you’ve taken down all the checkpoints, the streets of Gotham will be safe for traveling citizens once more. Not that there are that many citizens left in the city, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

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